On This Day: Animal Kingdom

Happy Birthday Animal Kingdom!!

Earth Day! April 22, 1998 Anima Kingdom was born! In celebration of the parks opening here are some fun facts!


1. Tree Of Life

At 145Ft tall, 160Ft wide and topped with more than 102,583 transparent leaves in five different shades of green, there are more than 300 carvings on the Tree Of Life. More than 10 artists and three imagineers working full-time for 18 months.

2. Zebra Free

In 2012 Zebras were introduced to the Kilimanjaro Safari ride, but four months later were removed. It was rumored that the Zebras were to aggressive to keep around the safari, BUT there was never an official statement from Disney.

3. Most Endangered Species

Since the park opening in 1998, there have been 8 endangered white rhinos born at AK.

4. Birds

Some of the park birds are given fake eggs to sit on which makes older birds thinks they don’t need to repopulate while it shows the younger birds where they should lay there eggs.


5. Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest is the most expensive roller coster ever made with the cost of more than $100,000,000. At 199.5 ft tall it is just shy of having a red light beacon on top.

6. Kilimanjaro Safari

The Savannah is more than 110 acres making the ride bigger than the whole Magic Kingdom Park.

7. Animals Come First

There are NO plastic straws, cup lids or  balloons at this park for the animals safety.

8. Pre-Frozen

Before the Frozen hits Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez wrote the songs for Finding Nemo: The Musical which can be found at Animal Kingdom.


9. The Festival of The Lion King

This amazing triple threat show first opened at Camp Mickey April 22, 1998 but closed down January 5, 2014 to relocate in Africa June 1, 2014.

10. Staff

There are more than 4,500 Cast Members that work at AK, manning attractions, looking after the animals, working int he restaurants and of course working behind the scenes.


Feeding over 1,000+ animals that live at the park requires about 4tons of food per day.

12. The Discovery River

Contains more than 27 million gallons of water which would be equivalent to about 1,800 swimming pools.

13. Landscaping

to create the surrounding to Mt. Everest there are more than 900 bamboo plants,110 species of shrubs and 10 species of tress that were planted.

14.The Forbidden Mountain

5,000 tons of structural steel 2,000 gallons of stain and paint, 3,000 pre-fabricated steel “chips” and 10,000 tons of concrete was needed to create the mountain.

I hope you enjoyed the fun facts! My favorite part about animal kingdom would have to be The Festival of the Lion King, is such an AMAZING and breathe taking show that i hope they never get rid of!



runDisney: Wine & Dine Update

runDisney has made some changes to the Wine & Dine weekend. It will be held November 3-6, 2016 with some major changes!



Not only is runDisney intriguing W&D inaugural 10k BUT they are also introducing their first W&D challenge called Lumiere’s Two Course Challenge, where you will run the inaugural 10k and the W&D half marathon, a total of 19.3 miles that weekend to receive a completer medal, BUT participating in the challenge you will receive a $15 Disney Gift Card and access to the EXCLUSIVE after hour party on Sunday at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.


With the expansion of W&D, the races will be starting in the morning so no more night runs for this race weekend. The runDisney Health and Fitness Expo will begin November 3, which will be followed by the Mickeys Holiday 5k Friday morning at Animal Kingdom!


Of course runDisney has to make life twenty times more adorable by adding another day for the kid races, YES two whole days of little ones running and crawling across the finish line which will take place Friday and Saturday! I don’t know about you BUT i love watching the littles ones go! My baby cousin started her runDisney journey right out of the womb and it was the cutest thing EVER!!!


With all the magical enhancements to WDW some experiences will be opening up during race weekend, such as the nighttime spectacular Rivers Of Light in Animal Kingdom and Frozen Ever After at the Norway Pavilion at Epcot and so much more!

I don’t know about you BUT this sounds like a fun pact weekend! So if you are interested be sure to mark your calendars because registration opens up March 29, 2016 at 12EST. SO set those alarms and get those computers ready i have a feeling this is going to be the race to be at! Will you be at W&D?



Joy, Sadness & Baymax! Oh My!!

Disney has announced the expansion of Epcot character spot where guests can meet even more Disney characters!

Across the way from Mickey, Minnie and Goofy,  guests will step inside a makeshift robotics workshop and hang out with everyone’s favorite personal healthcare companion Baymax!

Beginning next month well be able to journey through Riley’s long term memory even catching a glimpse of her Island Of Personalities before meeting Joy and Sadness at the console.

 I coudnt be more excited even if I had tried! I finally my wish come true and I will be able to meet Baymax! I am so glad Disney is bringing these characters to Epco Character Spot! Who are you looking forward to meeting?

Update: Wine & Dine and Avengers 


   AP & DCV Members-

  • Registration will open March 22 at noon ET

   General Registration-

  • Opens March 29 at noon ET 


   AP & DVC Members- 

  • Registration will open April 5 at noon ET

   General Registration-

  • Will open April 12 at noon ET

(AP- Annual Pass, DVC- Disney Vacation Club) 

Get those fingers ready you don’t want to miss out on these two magical runs!!! What run will you be participating in?? 


Seasonal Pricing

It was announced over the weekend that Disney is switching to the Seasonal Pricing System which will begin with Disneyland and WDW. Seasonal Pricing will only be for the 1day tickets, BUT if you look closely Disney did raise the multi day ticket prices, but the season pricing system will NOT apply to multi day and season passes and be the same as before..

Seasonal pricing will create 3 season, Value, Regular and Peek.





Value- $95(you will pay $4 less)

Regular- $105

Peek-$119 (you will pay $20 more)

Walt Disney World:


Magic Kingdom/ Epcot,Hollywood Studios & $ Animal Kingdom

Value: $105/$97

Regular: $110/$102

Peek: $124/$114

Disney is using this system in hopes that they can spread out the crowds through the year and kind of deter people from going to the parks on the peek days. I’m curious how is everyone feeling about this?


Disney Did You Know?

Welcome back to blogmas day 9! Today I thought it would be fun to do a couple of random Disney did you knows! So here we go! 

1. The Haunted Mansion hitchhiking ghosts have names. They are, Ezra, Phineas and Gus.

2. Animal Kingdom is Walt Disney Worlds largest park. It is 500 acres.

3. The toolbox in Sids room of torture has the Binford logo on it, Binford is a fictional tool company from Tim Allens (Buzz) TV show, Home Improvement. 

4. Laurie Metcalf (Aunt Jackie from Roseanne) is the voice of Andy’s mom. 

5. Johnathan freeman who voiced Jafar in the Movie Aladdin also plays him in the Broadway show. 

I hope you guys enjoyed these 5 awesome did you knows! Let me know any fun facts you may know in the comments below! 


Star Wars Update

 Starting December 1, 2015 Dinsey’s Hollywood Studios will be bringing a galaxy far far away a bit closer!

 Star Wars launch bay will be opening and will take guests into the Star Wars saga which of course will also include the newest/upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There will be special exhibits and awesome opportunities to meet Chewbacca and Darth Vader! Which I am personally excited to meet both of them!

 We can’t forget about Star Tours, this ride will have some awesome new adventures which will include some from the upcoming film.

 Now the Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple is said to open up in early December, the Jedi experience will allow young Jedi’s to visit the ancient Jedi Temple where they will face Darth Vader along with the new villain from Disney XD series Star Wars Rebel the Seventh Sister.

 The sad part about getting Star Wars Land is there will be no more Star Wars weekend because it will be happening everyday in Disney’s Hollywood studios, with the 14 acre Star Wars Land which will undergo construction next year. Unfortunately I have missed my chance to experience such an amazing weekend in WDW but I am looking forward to celebrating the opening of all the Star Wars festivities!


A Very Merry Christmas Party!

It’s my FAVORITE time of year and it’s here…almost!


Starting Nov. 8 Mickey, Santa and all the Disney friends will be prepping the park for some holiday magic!


To kick off the holiday fun with A Frozen Holiday Wish, where Elsa, Anna, kristoff and of course Olaf will be transforming Cinderella’s castle into an ice castle! This is something you dont want to miss! Its Disney magic at its truest form!


Than singing and dancing down Main Street USA will be Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas Parade with some of Mickeys very magical and special guests from the North Pole!


VoicePlay the contemporary a cappella group will be singing some holiday songs to help get you in the holiday spirit with a performance you won’t forget!


BUT if thats not enough you can get some cookies and Hot cocoa to warm you up to all the holiday magic


and of course warm you up while you watch “Holiday Wishes: Celebrate The Spirit Of The Season” the holiday fireworks because there will be minor snow storm in Magic Kingdom, so you want to make sure you stay warm!


I love Christmas in the park, its one of my favorite holidays and  its definitely a time of the year i suggest going especially if you have never been to WDW during this time, because its also the last year, i repeat LAST year to watch the Osbourne Family Lights which is another magical show leaving the Disney parks… So definitely check that out as while it lasts, A Very Merry Christmas Party will end December 18 2015 and will run on select days!


My runDisney Journey!

38cd1373014805ed96570f3efcc8175cI thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane! So from the very start of my running journey to the most recent, here are my completed runDisney events!400008312073

My first ever run was also the craziest run! The Dopey Challenge was definitely going to be a challenge. I didn’t prepare at all for this run nor have i ever ran this much in my life! When i got there i literally went off of adrenaline from being in Walt Disney World for the first time!

With this run i got my first set of medals…6 to be complete. A 5k (3.1), a 10k (6.2), a half marathon (13.1), and a full marathon (26.2) and two completer medals The Goofy and the Dopey! This run was all on Walt Disney World property. We ran through all 4 theme parks and there were so many awesome sights, especially running on the race car track and seeing all the vintage cars. That was my second favorite thing about this run! Obviously my first was completing all the runs and walking around the parks with these medals!10965360 DLRhalf_IdidItWOMENS f1 Once again i decided on another challenge for my second run. The Dumbo Double Dare, second run of the year and way less miles than The Dopey. Dumbo Double Dare 2014 302I was awarded 3 medals for this run. The 10k and the Half marathon medal along with the completer medal for the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge. I decided i would give myself a slight break and not do the 5k.c2cBecause i ran two half marathons in one year at two different Disney parks, Disneyland and Walt Disney World, i was able to get a 4th medal. The Coast to Coast medal, which is really awesome! Unknown-4The inaugural Avengers Half Marathon weekend, in this run i decided again to skip the 5k and only do the Half Marathon.Unknown-5So i only got one medal, which is the first medal that i have that spins. Shockingly i missed having one full weekend of running, BUT non the less i had a lot of fun, this run and i got to spend more time in Disneyland!1419959092353To kick off my 2015 year, it only felt right to start it off with the inaugural Rebel Challenge in Disneyland. images-9Because Do or Do Not. There Is No Try, and I love Star Wars!Unknown-6The Rebel Challenge consisted of a 10k, and a Half marathon and of course the completer medal. It was really cool too see everyone who was cheering us all on in costume. I even met Joey Fatone from Nsync, we were in the same corral and he was such an awesome guy. gschallenge1My next challenge was non other than the Glass Slipper Challenge. This challenge consisted of  a 10k and a half marathon, BUT i decided i would do 5k with my Tia.photo 2So i got a total of 3 medals, plus the completer medal. Frozen fun was definitely a freezing run…well Elsa was there so the whole weekend was really really cold especially at 5am in the morning. But in liked running in the cold, i feel like i have my better times when its colder out…So thank you Elsa!Unknown

The Inaugural Pixie Dust Challenge a 10k and a Half Marathon to get all the pixie power completer medal.TBM5086941Because i love Peter Pan i had to make sure i did the Neverland 5k, which was completely different than the Walt Disney World 5k because they don’t have corrals for this run. There were Peters shadow throughout the run and every time you came across one you had to crow! IT WAS AWESOME!! Disney-Princess-Half-Marathon-Coast-MedalNow this run i got 5 medals. 5k, 10k, half, completer and the Pink C2C. You can only get the Pink C2C medal when you complete the princess half marathon and the Tinker Bell half! Getting this medal was pretty awesome because a lot of people at the run didn’t know about this c2c medal, so it was fun to explain it to them and know they were going to get it the next time around! Although i have completed these runs, my running days are not over. I still have a lot of runs i would like to do, and my next run is The Inaugural Disneyland Paris Half Marathon. So see you at the finish line.


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