DOGtober 2017: Day 2

Costumes, leashes and clips oh my!

I love spending my money on these two, but it’s hard when NOTHING fits them or it’s too heavy or just not their style. So when I do see something I like and it fits them, I don’t even think twice about it. In the spirit of Halloween, they have two new Halloween themed leashes, two new shirts and a hand made pumpkin bow! What’s your favorite Halloween costume you bought for your pup??

​DOGtober 2017: Day 1

Welcome to DOGtober! I will be posting all about Dogs up until the 19th when I start 13th nights of Halloween! So today post is all about my pups playpen! Let’s get started! Instead of using a “kennel” (mine are kenneled trained) I set up a playpen for them.

They use this when I go to work, school or when they feel overwhelmed this is their safe spot. Now I know what you are thinking, what pup likes to be “locked up” well these two don’t mind it. So we’ll start with ground level and work our way up!


On this level, they have a pee pad, water, toys and a bed. Pretty much all the essentials. One thing that makes it a tad more comfortable is they have a ramp that leads to the “upper level.”


The ramp leads up to my bed. Yes, they have access to my bed all day, every day. They do like to switch off where they like to relax. Most of the time they are in my bed unless there is a sunny spot then they will lie there.

I like giving them this amount of room so they can stretch, play, stay hydrated and relieve themselves when they need to. I know what you are thinking. The pups must go to the bathroom on my bed, play with my plushies, jump off, and get into trouble. NOPE! They are actually really boring pups which is amazing!

They literally sleep all day, drink water, pee on the pee pad and sleep some more. I know this because I watch them with the PetCube. How does this tie into Halloween you ask? Easy, I love Halloween, but my pups don’t like to be pet by a lot of people all at once so they sneak off and hang out here until they feel like making an appearance, which is completely ok with me. They are relaxed and safe, which means I’m relaxed and not stressed.

Happy DOGtober!


Puppy Pack 2017! 

No matter where the pups and i go, i always have my puppy pack! This is a backpack where i keep all the pups essentials, which include:


  • Water
  • Water Bowl
  • Treats
  • Blankets
  • Wet Wipes
  • Poop Bags
  • Tags

This weekends the pups and i visited the Stanford Mall in Palo Alto, its a dog friendly outdoors mall and its my favorite for many reasons but to name a few it has perfect weather, dog friendly and so many places to walk.

Water, Water Bowl, Treats and Poop Bags are a necessity for obvious reasons..Staying hydrated, positive reinforcement so when they do something good i give them a treat. Poop bags because when nature calls im prepared to pick it up.

All the restaurants are dog friendly which makes finding a place to eat so much easier, so when we find a spot to eat i place the blanket down and the pups now to lay down and hang out on the blanket until I’m done eating. Their tags stay in the bag because they are to heavy for the pups to carry.

Do you have a puppy pack when you go out? Let me know what you carry in yours when you and your pups go out.



Blogmas Day 24/25: Winter Tips

If you live in the snow  or you want to visit the snow with your pup here are some winter tips and tricks.


Paw Prep-

Before using the balm make sure your pups paw is ready to go. Be sure to trim all the hair   in-between the paw pads now you can use scissors or a beard trimmer with the smallest clip guard, plus trimming the hair that would normally touch the ground will help prevent ice balls from forming. Also keep those nails short this is very helpful because it again helps prevent un necessary ice balls.

Once you have prepped the paw now is a great time to put the balm on your pups paw pads. The balm will keep the paw pads from drying out, cracking and further injuries. If you can’t find Bag Balm then Vaseline is a great alternative. There are also so many DIY paw balm incase you want to make your own and pick your ingredients.


Puppy Boots

This is another great option, this provides protection to the paw it’ll help them stay dry and safe from salt and de-icers. Depending on what one you want to buy your pups it can also give them traction.


Salt and de-icers

These can be very toxic for our fur babies do try and keep those lil guys away from the roads and sidewalks that have been treated. A great precaution is making sure your pup doesn’t drink from puddles or eat any slush incase it has chemicals from the de-icers. Now there are pet friendly de-icers available for pet owner to use so keep an eye out for them when you go out shopping.

After that walk be sure to wash those paws with warm water to help prevent them from ingesting any salt and chemicals.


Bundle Up

Winter coats are not just for you, but can be for your fur baby as well because they are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia. So as you bundle up make sure those fur babies are bundled as well and keep an eye out for how long you’ve been out as a precaution to you and your pup.

I hope the tips help you especially if its going to be your first time to the snow! Trust me when my pups when to the snow for the first time I over packed for them…i completely overpacked. I had two heating pads, four coats, two boots for double the protection, hand warmers to stick in-between there two coats. It was intense..but i mean they had fun and they stayed warm. Have your pups been to snow? Let me know in the comments below.


Blogmas Day 22/25: Holiday Pawty!

Only three more days until Sandy Paws is coming to town, which means Holiday Parties are three days closer! If you are like me than you will be hosting the annual Family, friends and puppy party.

Now like any party especially in my house it becomes very loud and pretty crazy especially when the games start going, there are things flying everywhere and people shouting and jumping its crazy so here are some tips and tricks on how i keep the pups safe, calm and relaxed.

  1. Safety Spot

I have a spot in my room that is called a Safety Spot this is a spot where the pups know they can go to get away from the hustle and bustle from the party life. When they enter this place everyone knows not to bug them. Its a play pen that has access to my bed, they have a bed toys, pee pad and water bowl. This is a place that gives them sense of security

2.  Levender

Lavender is a calming, relaxing scent so i always make sure to put some lavender oil in my humidifier to keep my room smelling like lavender to keep them calm and relaxed through the crazy party.


3. Walk

Taking the pups for a nice long walk helps keep all the unwanted energy away, meaning you will get a calmer and more relaxed pup when the party comes. I know it seems impossible but i promise you this is the GREATEST thing you can do for your pup when there normal routine is going to get disrupted.



Blogmas Day 20/25: A Christmas Meatball!

There are only 5 more days until Christmas and the pups and i are so excited to spend the day at home in our PJs watching the Disney Christmas Day parade opening presents and stuffing our faces.

Here is a little Christmas dinner i like to whip up for my fur babies.

The things you will need are:

1pound  ground turkey

1 egg

1 sweet potato

1 c oats

1 1/2 tsp cinnamon

2 tsp honey

Pre heat the oven to 350º

poke 4-5 holes in the sweet potato and microwave for 8-10 minutes

Scoop the sweet potatoes into a bowl and add the ground turkey, oats, cinnamon, honey and egg and mix until combines.

Form into a golf ball sized balls and place on a cookie sheet

bake for 15-12 minutes

This is a hit with my pups and their cousins they are gone just as fast as i put them in their bowls. What special food you make for your pups? Let me in know in the comments below!



Blogmas Day 18/25: Holiday Food To Keep Away!


Here are some foods you should make sure you keep away from your furry friends of yours.


  • Chocolate
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Turkey, chicken and duck bones
  • Onions
  • Rasins and grapes
  • Alcohol

These are only a handful of things that are usually spilled in my house from all the kids…its great to make sure you know where your pup is and what can possibly be a hazard for them if spilt on the floor. What things are typically spilt during the holidays for you guys? Let me know in the comments below.


Blogmas Day 16/25: Baby Its Cold Outside

The winter is here and the temperature in the city has dropped. Although I love the cold and cuddling inside a nice warm house watching Christmas movies, drinking hot tea and wrapped in a blanket…the pups and I still need our exercise, so here are somethings the pups and i do when its cold outside.


Hide and Seek

This is a great game to play and it will also a great mental stimulation for your four legged friend. Sometimes I hide treats BUT majority of the time we hide from each other.


This is a great stimulation for the pups nose, what i do is i hide the food with the pups in the room (one at a time) and than i take them out of the room of the for 30 seconds and then release them to find the treats.


Facing the Cold…

Although i LOVE the comfort of the blanket in my nice warm house watching Christmas movies, i do layer up the pups and i and go for a walk with the pups because honestly nothing beats the nice fresh air.

What are you cold day activities you like to do with you pup? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear them.


Blogmas Day 14/25: Holiday Paw-tivities

In all honesty I think holidays are way better with a dog, for me it makes the holiday that much more special and magical…so here are ways I like to include my furry friends in all the holiday festivities.

Family Photo

There is always room in the family photo to add a sweater or two and two adorable fur babies.

Puppy Stocking

Just because they are fur babies why not including those cutie pies in the amazing stocking fun! I put there names up along with hanging them up next to mine!

Holiday Cookies

Our holiday is never complete without making holidays cookies for my pups and their furry cousins. There are so many easy recipes and i know i have a ton of easy puppy cookies on here so be sure to check them out.

Holiday Lights

Not only do we walk around different neighborhoods every Friday night to take in the holiday decorations BUT i decorate the puppy playpen with lights and a tree!

These are my top favorite traditions my pups and i have, and i would love to hear what you like to do with your fur baby? Let me know in the comments below.


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