runDisney 2019: Race Day

Another run bites the dust! Race day came and went and today was an insane day! So my mom and I woke up at 3am got dressed and ready for the race and caught the bus at about 3:45am. We hung out at in front  of the stage until 4:30am, went over to the corrals and hung out for two hours due to the fact Disney decided to change up the run a bit and have mini waves in each corral so the traffic would be lighter. In my opinion, I don’t think it worked because we still got hit with walls of people, and walls of people who were walking. All and all the run took us 27 minutes to finish, I was hoping to PR this race BUT like I said there were so many people blocking it was hard to get around but it was still a lot of fun.

We got back to the hotel at 7 something, got in the shower and went straight to Disney Springs to pick up some gifts for family and friends. We headed back to the hotel hopped on the bus of shame (the bus to go home) and spent the rest of the day in the air. Overall the race was a lot of fun, 5k’s are my favorite because they take the least amount of time and I don’t get into my head. Congrats, to everyone who ran or participated in the 5k today because 3 miles is still a lot and you should be proud and wear your medal proudly because you accomplished those 3 miles! Good luck to everyone who are running, the 10k, 1/2, Goofy and or Dopey! You got this!


runDisney 2018: Packet Pickup!

The plane landed a bit later than what we wanted, the Magical Express line was insanely long and we got to the hotel 7:30 hopped off, got on the runDisney Expo bus and got to ESPN Wide World of Sports about 7:45, ran over to pick up our bib, ran to the next building to pick up our shirts, where my mom exchanged hers so we only had 12 more minutes to head over to the third building and well with 3 minutes to spare we made it into the Official merchandise building and speed shopped, we had 10 minutes to shop and get to the register. It was an insane night and I don’t fully remember everything I saw but I know I spent WAY WAY WAY too much money.


runDisney 2019!

Two weeks ago I had this semi crazy urge to check the runDisney website to see if there were any spots open for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 5k because I absolutely LOVED the medal and to my surprise there were still spots and without even thinking I signed my mom and I up for the race…but we couldn’t get off of work for the entire race weekend (unfortunately). So on my crazy spur of the moment 5k purchase I booked a hotel, and flight so we leave Wednesday, go to the running expo, pick up some merch (hopefully), then go back to the hotel and sleep. While Thursday we will run, if we don’t make it to the expo on Wednesday we will go Thursday and not go to Hollywood Studios and then fly home with the most magical 5k medal ever Oswald the Lucky Rabbit!


Disney Cross Country Classic!

It is the 22nd annual Disney Cross Country Classic at the ESPN World Wide of Sports. College, High School and Middle School students can race the popular 8k or have a great time for anyone who wants to do the 5k Fun Run.



Entry Fee’s:

High School/ College Students (per team/per gender):

  • Regular Price – $200 if team registers and pays by Sept. 14, 2018
  • Late Price – $250 if team registers and pays Sept. 15-Sept. 30, 2018
  • Individual Price (College Only) – $40

*Up to 20 runners per gender, $5 for each additional runner over the 20 runner maximum.

Middle School/ Upper Elementary School Entry Fee’s (per team/per gender):

  • Regular Price – $125 if team registers and pays by Sept. 14, 2018
  • Late Price – $150 if team registers and pays Sept. 15 – Sept. 30, 2018
  • Individual Price – $40

*Up to 20 runners per gender, $5 for each additional runner over the 20 runner maximum.

Cross Country 5k Fun Run

  • Registration Fee – $40 per athlete

*If entering a team/club in the 5k Fun Run, refer to team fees listed above.


Payment will not be due at the time of registration. An invoice will be sent with payment due date once application is accepted.


Event Schedule:

Race Packet Pick Up

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

Location: Champion Stadium Concourse

Friday October 5, 2018 10am – 6pm

Disney Cross Country 5k Fun Run

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

Friday October 5, 2018 – 7:30pm

Racers will receive a bib at packet pick up and a finisher medal at the end of the race. I would LOVE to do this race one day, but this year is not the year. Maybe, fingers crossed for the 25th anniversary! Would you participate in the Disney Cross Country Classic? Let me know in the comments below!

runDisney: Celebrating Pixar 2018 Virtual Run Update!

My medals came! My medals came! My medals came! I just finished my miles, and on Saturday the lovely mailman delivered my medals to my doors, and I absolutely freaked! This was the fastest I’ve EVER received my virtual run medals, and I am thankful that I finished my 9.3 miles before they came because for me I would not have been able to resist hanging them up with my other runDisney medals.

Now, although I have wanted a stretch band and because I did the series I got the Elastagirl one I will not be using it because she is way too incredible to mess up. Would you like me to do a mini haul of EVERYTHING Incredible I purchased/ received for this race? Let me know in the comments below!


runDisney Registration 2018 Update!

This is almost as exciting as when I found out that the MSEP returning home to the Disneyland Resort! So, runDisney participants will soon be able to register for races using their Disney account, in hopes to create a more seamless experience. If you are like me and are the designated registration person and sign up multiple people on multiple devices you will love the fact that we will be able to register multiple participants at a time. Another exciting update is there will be extra payment options which will include gift cards! This sounds like it wont be as stressful for me when I register for races, so as much as I am excited I am also really nervous about the new system because its new and I know my way around the original registration site. What are your thoughts?

Race Calendar:



runDisney: Villain Event

runDisney announced that Paris will be honoring the Disney Villains with their newest run happening September 20-23, 2018. The 21 The shadow of Thanos will take over the 5k highlighting the Marvel Universe. The 22 the evil sidekicks will come out and play on the 10k course while for the little runDisney participants (Kids Races) will be taken over by everyone’s favorite mischevious alien Stitch and some of his friends. Last but certainly not least on the 23 for the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon event will be taken over by the greatest Disney villains.


I honestly wish I had the money to participate in this event because my mom and I are obsessed with Disney Villains and of course have been waiting to get our hands on some runDisney villain medals to add to our collection. Will you be ready to face these Disney Villains? Let me know in the comments below if you will be joining this villain event.


runDisney Shorts: 2018 Registration

Today I signed my mom and me up for the runDisney Shorts Celebrating Pixar! Because I am me, I had to sign us up for the series. When you sign up for the series you get finisher medal, magnet frame, resistance band, hot/cold pack, downloaded race bib, and finisher certificate. They did release a pin on the Shop Disney website, which I ordered to add to my running pin collection. I am also excited to see what other merchandise they will be putting out. Last year for Pluto’s Shorts Series I bought the shirt they had available.

file_341f9fac.jpgThe total miles is 9.3, and I plan on taking it nice and easy go to different spots near San Francisco with my pups and my mom because she helps keep me going, we motivate each other and it’s always fun having someone to run with. Plus shaking it up some with where we run instead of just our neighborhood will be a lot more exciting. We did map out some really exciting spots to get some miles in like Little Yosemite which is the place I am most excited about because it does have a lot some water falls that I am looking forward to running by. Will you be participating in this runDisney series? Let me know in the comments below!


runDisney 2018-2019 Registration Delay?!

runDisney just announced that registration dates will be delayed because they are working to create a streamlined race registration experience for participants. When you visit the runDisney page this is what pulls up:

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 9.25.10 AM

They say more information about registration will be released June 1. Personally this sounds like they may be “cancelling” race weekends until construction is over possibly because of the amount of participants concerns. I say this because this is kind of what happened to Disneyland’s race events and I have been hearing A LOT of concern about participating in the events while the parks are under major construction.

I did run during construction for the Dopey challenge and honestly, I thought the course was pretty much the same just more mud. I did get a few laughs on the course because during the last couple of miles construction workers were out yelling at the participants saying things like: “you guys aren’t doing anything pick up a shovel and make yourself useful”. What are your thoughts? Do you think they are going to cancel and Im just over thinking this entire thing and they really are on temporary delay to better registration? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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