Halloween In The Parks!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween in the parks! My all time favorite season in the parks, so if you are a fan of Halloween here is what you can look forward to in Disneyland/DCA, WDW, Hong Kong, and Paris!



Both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure will be decked out for Halloween. The Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket will make its return with a bit of an updated look. I was lucky enough to get the bucket last year so I don’t think I will be getting one this year UNLESS my BC wants one then I will of course try and get her one.



The poison apple stein will also make its return to the park, but with an update as well instead of it being red its going to be green. I unfortunately have been trying to get the original poison apple stein for years now and have not succeed so I will attempt to get the green one hopefully I have better luck with this one.

Another thing coming to the parks is the brand new  premium popcorn bucket. So get ready to brew some potions because this cauldron premium popcorn bucket is not only the cutest BUT it lights up! This one I have to have, this is LIFE for me. So wish me luck!

Hong Kong Disneyland:


Now if you are planning on visiting Hong Kong Disneyland from September 13th to October 31st, 2018 you are in for a spooktacular treat. Jack Skelington and his friends will be turning the park upside down allowing guests to visit their hometown of Halloween Town where you can also visit Dr. Finklestein’s lab where he kept Sally captive. Make sure to keep an eye open for Oogie Boogie, because he might just sneak up behind you!

Disneyland Paris:


Starting October 1st, 2018 guests visiting Disneyland Paris can enjoy not only halloween BUT help Mickey celebrate his 90th birthday. October 1- November 4, 2018 you can celebrate the Halloween season with it’s brand new parade float featuring Mickey who will disappear and re-appear wearing three different costumes. For Mickey’s 90th birthday you can catch the celebration from October 1 all the way through the Christmas season.


There are so many things I want to see especially at Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland but this year I will only be attending the OG Disneyland which I am thankful for. What park would you like to visit during the Halloween season?



Blogmas Day 21/25: Jingle Bell A Galactic Spectacular

Its 4 more days until christmas and a Christmas wish of mine has been answered. From today through December 31 guests will get to experience both Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM and Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

This is amazing because I LOVE both of these shows. How do you feel about this? Are you just as excited as i am? let me know in the comments below!


Blogmas Day 19/25: AP Lines

Merry Christmas to WDW Annual Pass Holders!


Starting December 21, 2016 WDW will begin a new pilot program which will provide an AP holder only entrance line.

AP lined will be available at all four theme parks, as of right now its only for the entry itself with. APers will still go through security with non AP guests but things could definitely change as the pilot program evolves.


Personally i think it is a great idea and i am so stoked that WDW will be getting an AP entrance line, and because i am hopeful i am hoping that maybe just maybe Disneyland will follow this trend and Disneyland and Disney California Adventure will get there very own AP entrance lines.

How do you feel about the AP entrance lines in WDW? Do you think Disneyland will get them too? Let me know in the comments below.


Under The Stars: Moana

Walt Disney World is hosting another special under the stars meet up for the upcoming Disney film Moana.


The early screening will take place outside at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort on Sunday night on November 20, 2016 at 8:15pm ET



It is limited to one guest per registrant and you must RSVP. Some need to know before you go are:

  • 18 years or older to register
  • Its rated PG
  • One goes per registrant
  • An email will be sent to confirm your RSVP
  • A valid ID  will be required at check in
  • Confirmation will be for the accepted registered person and guest
  • If you did not receive an email from Disney, your RSVP was not accepted
  • First come first serve seating
  • No recording

Downtown Disney

Unfortunately my RSVP didn’t get accepted i think the Polynesian Resort would have been the perfect place to watch the movie BUT its ok because i will be in Disneyland 3 days after this event watching Moana with a ton of fellow Disney lovers in the Downtown Disney theater.

Did you get on the RSVP list for this event?? Or will you be watching it somewhere else like me? Let me know in the comments below!


Disney Parade Schedule! 

This year the magical Holiday celebration the Disney parks Holiday TV hSpecials so this year we get no one day but three days of Disney Magic hosted by Derek and Julian Hough.


The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration

November 24 from 8-9 pm EST there will be a 2 hour special from the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. During the show keep a look out for Sofia Carson (Descendants 2), a duet by Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks and a performance by Kelly Clarkson.


Disney Parks Present : A Descendants Magical Holiday Celebration

November 25 from 8-9pm we will see the Descendants crew taking over the park, while ABC stars and Disney Channel stars will be spreading some Disney Magic and surprising families around the country in a once in a lifetime experience at the Walt Disney World resort.

Disney Parks - UCC 2015

The Disney Parks Magical Christmas Celebration

December 25, 9-11am on ABC join the Hough siblings for a magical ride down Main Street USA and beyond for a magical celebration that brings the beloved Christmas day parade with musical performances, surprise guests and heart warming stories!

I am excited for all of them especially because Derek and Julian Hough are hosting this year i think they will do an amazing job. What are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments below!



Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM!

Look out Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, it looks like starting November 14, 2016 an all new Holiday Nighttime Spectacular is coming your way!


You can catch Disney’s newest show on, above and all around the Chinese Theater with the state of the art projections, special effects fireworks and of course the ever enchanting seasonal music.



The show will be led by one of my all time favorite elves Wayne and Lanny from the animated special “Prep and Landing”, the show will include special holiday moments from  “Mickey’s Christmas Carol”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Pluto’s Christmas Tree”, “Bambi”, “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas” and many more magical moments building up to the finale of the show “So tinsel!”


Its not a Disney show without the little extra Disney magic of making it snow and of course some reserved seating with magical desserts, beverages and much more. If you do choose the Holiday Dessert Party you will also receive special 3D glasses which creates a holographic illusions of gingerbread men, candy canes, snowflakes and ornaments.


The show will run until December 31 so be sure to get out there and enjoy the magic! I am really excited to see the magic come to life right before my eyes, and yes it was sad that Hollywood studios lost the Osborne Family Lights BUT I am definitely going to be welcoming this new nighttime spectacular with open arms! What are your feelings with this show?? Let me know in the comments below!



On This Day: Hollywood Studios

Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios opened May 1, 1989 making it 27 years old today! Hollywood Studios is home to many great attractions such as Rock N Roller Coaster, The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror, The Great Movie Ride and much more. In honor of the parks Birthday here are some fun facts!


Originally the theme park was called MGM Studios BUT got a name change in 2008 to Hollywood Studios.


In Walt Disney: One Mans Dream if you look closely at Walt’s grade-school desk you can see the initials “W.D” carved into it.


While inside Rock N Roller Coaster look closely at the AC power boxes and other electrical boxes you can see the initials and birthdays of the imagineers.


Tower Of Terrors top speed is 39MPH

Originally TOT was suppose to be 200 ft. tall BUT with a building 200 ft tall you need light on the top  for airplanes to see, so Disney has it at 199 ft tall to keep the spooky feeling


The Mickeys of Hollywood store is a reference to the famous Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 4.51.43 PM

The gas pump on the right as you enter the park is marked with the opening of Disney’s Hollywood studios.

Eddie Valiant Window (08-10).jpg

A second floor window above the Hollywood and Vine restaurant says “Eddie Valiant-Private Investigator” which is a reference to Who Framed Roger Rabbit?


Happy Birthday Hollywood Studios! I can’t wait to see the rest of the magic you will be bringing in the upcoming years!



runDisney: Wine & Dine Update

runDisney has made some changes to the Wine & Dine weekend. It will be held November 3-6, 2016 with some major changes!



Not only is runDisney intriguing W&D inaugural 10k BUT they are also introducing their first W&D challenge called Lumiere’s Two Course Challenge, where you will run the inaugural 10k and the W&D half marathon, a total of 19.3 miles that weekend to receive a completer medal, BUT participating in the challenge you will receive a $15 Disney Gift Card and access to the EXCLUSIVE after hour party on Sunday at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.


With the expansion of W&D, the races will be starting in the morning so no more night runs for this race weekend. The runDisney Health and Fitness Expo will begin November 3, which will be followed by the Mickeys Holiday 5k Friday morning at Animal Kingdom!


Of course runDisney has to make life twenty times more adorable by adding another day for the kid races, YES two whole days of little ones running and crawling across the finish line which will take place Friday and Saturday! I don’t know about you BUT i love watching the littles ones go! My baby cousin started her runDisney journey right out of the womb and it was the cutest thing EVER!!!


With all the magical enhancements to WDW some experiences will be opening up during race weekend, such as the nighttime spectacular Rivers Of Light in Animal Kingdom and Frozen Ever After at the Norway Pavilion at Epcot and so much more!

I don’t know about you BUT this sounds like a fun pact weekend! So if you are interested be sure to mark your calendars because registration opens up March 29, 2016 at 12EST. SO set those alarms and get those computers ready i have a feeling this is going to be the race to be at! Will you be at W&D?



Joy, Sadness & Baymax! Oh My!!

Disney has announced the expansion of Epcot character spot where guests can meet even more Disney characters!

Across the way from Mickey, Minnie and Goofy,  guests will step inside a makeshift robotics workshop and hang out with everyone’s favorite personal healthcare companion Baymax!

Beginning next month well be able to journey through Riley’s long term memory even catching a glimpse of her Island Of Personalities before meeting Joy and Sadness at the console.

 I coudnt be more excited even if I had tried! I finally my wish come true and I will be able to meet Baymax! I am so glad Disney is bringing these characters to Epco Character Spot! Who are you looking forward to meeting?

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