Food & Wine Festival 2019

It is my favorite foodie time of the year! At Disney California Adventure Park, the Food and Wine festival has made its arrival once more. So here is a quick run down of what you can expect!

Avocado Time:

  • Petit impossible burger with quac and pepper
  • Spiced roasted chicken on pita with avocdo hummus and garlic sauce
  • Kombucha Mojito cocktail with fesh mint
  • Suja organic pineapple passion fruit kombucha (non alcoholic)

Berry Patch:

  • Strawberry and coconut rice “Frushi”
  • Fresh california berry pie
  • Blue diamond almond breeze almondmilk
  • strawberry float with vanilla ice cream

California Craft Brews:

  • Pepperoni egg rolls
  • Bright and balanced beer flight
  • Happy and bold beer flight
  • By the grass- bright and balanced
  • By the glass

Citrus Grove:

  • Orange chicken and rice
  • citrus-brined pork roast with tangy sauce lemon pepper slaw
  • Meyer lemo blue diamond almond macaron
  • Meyer lemon ginger mule
  • ginger beer (non alcoholic)

Cluck a doodle moo:

  • Harris ranch grilled beef tenderloin slider with chimichuri sauce
  • Salt and vinegar parmesan chicken wings
  • Watermelon lemonade with watermelon garnish (non alcoholic)
  • Festival beer flight and by the glass

Garlic Kissed

  • Black garlic soy braised pork belly Bahn mi
  • Cream mac n cheese with garlic bread crumble
  • Chocolate crunch cake
  • Bloody Mary with garlic stuffed olive

Golden Dreams:

  • Deconstructed teriyaki chicken musubi with pineapple relish
  • Anaheim chili relleno bites with salsa verde
  • Chocolate peanut caramel prfait
  • Yippee! Mickeys cotton candy soda (non alcoholic)

I Heart Artichokes:

  • Fried artichoke with blue diamond almond breeze lemon aioli
  • Artichoke toast wiht california olive tepenade
  • Blue diamond almond cake wiht butter streussal

LA Style:

  • Asian style beef barbacoa tac with pickled ginger
  • BLT chicharron duro with ranch crema
  • Tiki cocktail

Nuts About Cheese:

  • Fisclaini white cheddar lagger soup
  • Ham and velia jack cheese pinwheel
  • Creamy aikos yogurt cheescake
  • Karl strauss brewing company

Off The Cob:

  • Shrimp boil tacos with andouille sausage and fresh corn
  • Esquites sweet corn nuggets with bacon lardons
  • Citrus radler
  • Peach tea (non alcoholic)

Peppers Cali-Ente:

  • Veriasso sustainable salmon peruvian poke
  • Ghost pepper mac and cheese with chili cheese corn chip dust
  • Jalepeno lime margatita

Uncork California:

  • California artisan cheese selection
  • White wine flight
  • Red wine flight
  • Mimosa flight
  • Chardon brut
  • Assorted wine varietals

Veggie, Veggie, Fruit, Fruit:

  • Grilled asparagus chicken Caesar salad
  • Cauliflower ceviche with chili corn crumble and tortilla strips
  • Duo of frozen fruits bars
  • Cool lime michilada with frozen lime ice
  • Chihuahua cerveza

There are a couple of things I am excited to try and others I am super excited to eat once again. So the sweet corn nuggets are something I can’t wait to eat again, while I am really excited to try the Ghost Pepper Mac n Cheese, Pepperoni egg rolls, deconstructed musubi, cotton candy drink, and of course fresh berry pie!


DCA’s Food and Wine Festival 2018: Sip and Savor Pass

The sip and savor pass is exclusive to annual pass holders only. It costs $45.00 and you can buy a couple of them. With these passes, you get  8 tabs which essentially you pay with and in exchange get a button at every kiosk of course while supplies last. Now, the question is, are they worth it? The answer is simple. YES! They are a 100% worth the money.


Now in order to save money, you have to make sure you purchase items that are over $5.50. For me, I saved $4. It isn’t a lot of money but I am a very picky eater so some of the items that would be more for my buck I wasn’t a fan of.

With the Sip and Savor pass, you get a menu of all the things you can purchase. There are some items that you can’t “purchase” with the pass. So, this is something I didn’t know about when I bought the pass BUT found out when I tried to use it for one of the items. Let me know if you have any questions about the Sip and Savor and I will do my best to answer!



DCA Food & Wine Festival 2018: Guy Fieri

Friday, March 9, 2018, was the BEST DAY EVER!! As you can tell by the title, this was the day that my mom and I went to go see Guy Fieri LIVE! At the Hyperion Theater. This was a ticketed event, I paid a total of $200 for my mom and me to attend.

When I read the description, I was a little unclear what I actually paid for other than seeing him LIVE on stage.The event started at 8pm, so we checked in at 7pm in the esplanade. We showed our receipt, and in exchange, we got a park ticket that said Guy Fieri LIVE at the  Hyperion Theater on the back.


Once they opened the doors my mom, and I found seats the third row back from the stage and in the middle. It was PERFECT! Then, they announced his arrival, and he was literally in front of me…I was freaking out a little because it felt so unreal. He brought out Goofy, told some jokes and of course he brought out his son Hunter to help him cook. Which their relationship was really refreshing, you can honestly see the love they have for one another on stage.

F998D248-6ED6-420C-BDF0-9EA2BDC7D25DGuy made Trash Can Nachos, a Sandwich and Apple Pie Milkshake (alcoholic). Now, my mom has been obsessed with the Trashcan Nachos since she saw them first on Diners, Drive In’s and Dives. This was the only thing she wanted to taste and all she would ever talk about. At the end of the show, Guy said: “Oh don’t worry you guys will get to try all of this stuff when you exit the theater”! The look on my mom’s face was priceless, she couldn’t believe she was actually going to try the Trashcan Nachos.

4CB53683-E478-4115-93F1-C0A0681CAE02The coolest part though was when we exited the theater they had lights up, tables set and walls up so you couldn’t see DCA. It was a “private” party, so we grabbed our food and picked a table and talked…as we were talking this person puts a hand on my mom’s shoulder and asks “so hows the food?” YES! Guy Fieri, asked my mom how she was enjoying the food and proceeded to fist pump us and made his rounds. This was the coolest because he made sure to stop and chat a little with everyone there before heading back in.


All and all I would say this was worth every penny. We had such a great time he made us laugh, he makes delicious food, and he was a really cool dude, and I would LOVE to attend another event like this! Let me know in the comments if you would like me to post a video of Guy Fieri LIVE! in the comments below!


DCA Food & Wine Festival 2018: #1

I absolutely love the Food and Wine festival because I love food. The Food and Wine Festival all about food and wine (obviously) but its six weeks of delicious food and alcoholic beverages. This year I decided to really embrace the F&W festival, instead of what I normally do and not try a lot of the food offerings and who better to go with than my Mom. I think what made this trip even more special was it was completely last minute. My boss was like “you work too hard, you should go to Disneyland this weekend” and of course she didn’t have to tell me twice, so I called my mom she booked us a car and a hotel.


Friday, one of the most exciting nights of my life. Not only were we there for the F&W but I made the executive decision to buy us tickets to go see one of our favorite Chef’s Guy Fieri LIVE! At the Hyperion Theater. Now, the total took me back BUT we do love Guy so I did it kind of going in blind and let me tell you EVERY PENNY WAS WORTH IT!


This year, I also decided to purchase the Sip & Savor pass. Honestly, it was a great purchase I did end up saving some money which was AMAZING! Plus, for the price you get a button at every kiosk which is now rightfully hanging up in my room next to my runDisney medals.


The merchandise was amazing, and although I wanted to buy it all I restrained myself to only buying a hoodie but I did buy a ton of Disney merchandise. I know I didn’t go into detail but that is because they deserve there own blog post so I can ramble on about the experiences that I had.

Food and Wine Merchandise 2018!

Since its Food and Wine Festival there is a ton of new merchandise that I cannot wait to get my hands on.


So there are about three different shirts…two of them are AP and the other is not. I also really, really enjoy the F&W zip up. I think it looks pretty cute and comfy, plus I really enjoy jackets because its typically cold where I live.


The F&W pins looks really cool but I don’t think I will be picking those up. I know there will be a bit more merchandise when I get there but for now I already know what I want and my bank account is looking thinner.







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