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Perfect Paws:Alaskan Malamute!


The alaskan malamute was officially recognized by the AKC in 1935. They are the largest and oldest of the Arctic Sled dogs, they posses great strength and endurance. Although they are family dogs they are highly athletic and need a lot of exercise.

With a lot of exercise and love these dogs can be a great addition to a family. Not only are they great with children but they are also great with other pets. They are pretty intelligent so they are easy to train but i suggest if you r going to leave them home alone you should definitely give them a good workout to tire them out and burn off as much energy as possible.

Is this a breed for you?


You Know Your A Dog Owner When…

You find poop bags, pee pads and treats in every single purse, backpack, car and pocket…

I literally have poop bags and treats in my school backpack and my car. What are some crazy random dog items you find everywhere? Let me know in the comments below!


Puppy Etiquette: Sidewalk

While walking my pups and we come across a pedestrian e walking towards us, I personally think that its polite to walk in the streets with the pups.

It may sound weird but to me it seems a like the right thing to do. Even though my pups dont have a mean bone in their body there are people who are terrified of dogs, or if they are walking a stroller i fell like it makes it a lot easier on everyone because they dont have to think about it.

This is just something i like to do, giving the pedestrians without a dog the right away of the sidewalk. Its weird i know but its what i like to do with the pups. Do you do what i do and step off the sidewalk? Or whats something you do that you think is polite? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear it.


Perfect Paws: Akita

The Akita is said to have originated in the Odate region in Akita Prefecture on the Japanese island of Honshu. Its original name was the Odate Dogs. It was said that the Akita was also crossed bread with the Japanese Tosa, a fighting dog which was entered in fighting competitions.

In 1907 Japan banned dog fighting. Owners of fighting dogs had no use for them so would leave them to die of neglect or turned them lose. Rabies made its way to the breed and large amounts of them were destroyed. One of the most famous Akita of all time was named Hachiko, a pup who waited 9 years at the Japanese train station for his master(who had died unexpectedly).

In 1937 Helen Keller was credited with bringing the first Akita into the United States. The breeds popularity grew in the US around WWII because the servicemen of the occupational forces admired the noble dogs and took them home to their families. As the number of Akitas grew, there became two very different types of the breed that the Japanese Kennel Club does not recognize the American version of the breed.

The breed was recognized with the American Kennel Club October 1972 where they became a regular to the show in the working group beginning April 4, 1973. These pups thrive on human companionship and should be walked everyday. They respond very well to respectful commands and positive motivation rather than force. Akitas are great with children, pretty good with other pets, training them is very easy if you use the right methods.

Are Akitas the pups for you and your family? Let me know in the comments below!


Dog Nation!

From Dog Whisperer to Cesar 911 I have always looked at Cesar Millan as the GREATEST dog trainer in the world. So when i found out that he would be taking a road trip around the world I knew their had to be another show he was working on.

Dog Nation, Cesar’s newest show will still focus on helping dogs and their owners but he’ll also be helping out organizations that help dogs along with recognizing canine heroes, but this time around he’s not doing it by himself, his co-host and son Andre will be providing a millennial perspective through this adventure.

The Show is set to premier on March 3. 2017 at 8/9pm central time on NatGeo WILD. Now I don’t know about you but I am so EXCITED for their new program to start, its going to be amazing. New place, new dogs, and puppy heroes! Are you a fan of Cesar Millan? Let me know in the comments below!


How I House Trained My Pups!

This is a question that comes up a lot “How do you house train your puppy?” So lets talk about this, since each pup is different, there are many different training possibilities for that specific pup which i would love to hear everyones take on how they house trained your pup.

I went for the limited space and routine method i guess you can say? The first thing I did was block off a tiny space just enough room for a pee pad, water bowl and a spot that I can sit. This gave me time to take notes on what they did before they go to the bathroom, how long it took them to digest the food and water and of course gave me a great opportunity to really reward them for going on the paper. For their food I made sure that i fed them at the same times everyday so they can get into a routine as soon as possible.

Eventually I would make their play pen a bit bigger and bigger with every week of success until they got full roam of the house. Now i was lucky enough to have amazing littles ones that I never had to reduce their space, they picked up on this training really fast by the end of the week they had full access to the house and still 5 years late have had no accidents what so ever.

Knowing their little quirks before they actually go to the bathroom I think helped the most because when I would see it I would place them to the paper and they would do their business. When the pups and I moved into an apartment they started liking the whole idea of going outside whenever they needed to go, and they would sit by the door and wait for me to open it up so they can go do their, thankfully this became a great routine for all of us and they still would use the pee pad when i go to school or work, which is great!

So how did you house train your pups? I would really like to know because like I said before not all pups are the same so they all learn differently.


Perfect Paws: Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier are clever, friendly and courageous pups. They were thought to have originated in the Aire River Valley in England and developed by crossing a terrier with an otter hound in the mis 1800’s. They were used by the yorkshiremen to hunt the large rats that would dwell on the banks of the Aire River…originally called the working terrier or the waterside terrier.

In 1864 they were exhibited for the first time at a championship dog show sponsored but the Airedale Agriculture society. The Kennel Club of England formally recognized the Airedale Terrier in 1886.

The breeds popularity soared during WWI when they were used as Red Cross rescue dogs. They were also deployed on the frontline of battlefields to want troops of any approach by the enemy. British colonel Edwin Hautenville Richardson trained other breeds for the War Dog Program, where they were trained to wear gas masks to navigate the battlefields.

Jack, an Airedale terrier was a true war hero, even though a piece of shrapnel smashed his jaw, another slicing his back and a forepaw Jack delivered his message  and saved the battalion. Unfortunately minutes later he passed away from his wombs. He was posthumously awarded the Victoria cross for his bravery.

Today the Airedale is enjoying resurgence in popularity Disney’s 1996 live action version of  101 Dalmatians where they feature a shaggy Airedale in a prominent role of the movie. The original story as well as the animated film featured an Old English Sheepdog in the role, but the producers wanted an Airedale because of their trainability and intelligence.

They are very trainable pips, they get along great with children and other pets but leaving them home alone could be a challenge…so is this a pup for you? Let me know in the comments below!


Pup Massage: Beneath the hair

One of the things my pups look forward too are their pup massages. Yes, i do have pampered pooches but this also has some benefits outside being a luxury. Its a great for their muscles and to help relax them but its a great way for me to see whats going on beneath the hair.

Some of the things i look for during the massages are lumps, cuts, discoloration, pretty much anything out of the ordinary. I try and give them a massage twice a day once in the morning and once before we go to bed but its normally just once a day.

What i like to do is have my littles lay on their bellies and ill massage their back, neck, legs, head and ears…after a while ill have them roll over to their backs and do the same thing with their tummies, armpits, legs, chin, face, paws and necks. I make sure there is no discomfort or abnormality (or bugs) and then they are free to go and get a treat but typically they stay asleep even after I’m done.

I know this may sound weird but its a great way for me to keep on top of my pups health without going to the vet everyday…Do you pamper your pooches with a massage? Let me known the comments below!


Are Fleas Immune?

Fleas terrify me, I don’t like to think of them…they are so disgusting little creatures which is why i use FrontlinePlus on the pups every month but because of some talk going around which has made me switch over to NexGuard and this is why.


The talk around the vets is that the Topical flea and tick preventatives are not working as well as they use to…its like the fleas are becoming immune to it so to say. This terrifies me because for about 6/7 generations of puppies in my family have use Frontline with no problem what so ever, but i guess the times are changing along with the fleas…


Now long story short of why I am making the change from Frontline to NexGuard because my little cousins dog has fleas…she comes over pretty much every day and brings her pup with her and because I am terrified that my pups will get fleas (which i found 2 on them already) i freaked out and bought flea sprays for in the house, bedding, clothes, outside the house, they make it i got it because i can’t stand fleas.

6fa55d84f1bc4a3ef31cb3ae8578a4d5.jpgNexGuard is a pill that my pups will take which will help kill fleas in an instant and trust me when i say i will have pups on it every month just like the frontline and my cousins pup will be getting the frontline that I’ve already bought in hopes that this talk is just talk…Every day since the pups first came home with me i give them a “massage” where i pet them and look over there skin for any abnormality and or marks and in this case fleas…thankfully something i am doing is working because i have not found anymore on them nor have i gotten bit, but until my cousins dog is taken care of I’m going to be a complete crazy person and search for those little boogers.


So immune or not immune? What flea preventative do you use on your pups and why? Let me know in the comments below!


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