RunDisney 2019: What I Packed For WDW Marathon Weekend!

This Wednesday I’m heading to Orlando to do my first run of the year! This is a 24 hour trip so I’m heading there and I’ll be back in time for adulting on Friday…I know the magic is limited. However, I’m going down in sweats, packing the overnight essentials. This gives me room to go CRAZY at the official merch and of course get an entirely new outfit for the way home! I mean a girls gotta have her standards!


It’s a Sugar Rush!

Over at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor WDW’s Magic Kingdom you can find a limited edition ice cream sundae called Vanellope’s Ice Cream Sundae that consists of five hand scoops of ice cream topped with whipped cream, fruity cereal, chocolate candy, hot fudge and cherries which is all served in a souvenir trophy bowl that can all be yours for the price of $24.99! It is a bit pricy but if you split the cost with family than its not so terrible and your sugar rush wont last as long! Will you take on this challenge? 


2018 Year of Bling!

It is that time of year again to talk about that runDisney bling and of course all of the blood sweat and tears that go into getting the bling!

1. Favorite non runDisney medal based solely on design.

2. Favorite non runDisney medal based on experience.

Unfortunately, I do not have one because I have not ran any other races that are not runDisney.

3. Favorite Disney medal based on design.

It’s between the Dopey Challenge medal and the Incredibles Virtual Run Challenge medal.

4. Favorite Disney Medal based on experience.

WDW Marathon weekend 5k medal

5. Medal from favorite running costume.

Sadly, I do not dress up while I run. I know boating but the sad truth

6. Least favorite medal.

The WDW Marathon 10k medal. I’m not a fan of it… I’m sorry. I still love it but not my favorite.

7. Most hard earned medal.

The marathon medal from WDW Marathon weekend. 48.6 miles, with a side of blood sweat and tears. This one I fell in a ditch, I lost my mom who was hurt and I cried a lot on the course… good times…

8. Favorite running shirt.

The incredibles virtual running shirt.

9. Prettiest medal.

I would say the 1/2 marathon medal from WDW Marathon weekend. I just love to look at it.

10. Most improved medal.

My WDW Marathon weekend 5k medal it was one of my fastest times because I was freezing and wanted to go back to the hotel!

Please let me know your answers I would love to read all your answers!!! Here’s to many more miles!


25 Days of Blogmas 2018: Day 24

Disney TOMS on Clearance!

Get those credit cards ready because TOMS just announced that their Disney collection: Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are not only on sale BUT an extra 25% off! The only catch is, the extra 25% ends Christmas day!


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