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I have decided to retire this site and start over, DeziThinks became more like my brain and scattered everywhere. I was behind on posts and I was getting overwhelmed with everything. In taking a break I was able to organize the posts and what I really wanted to talk about, so if you are interested in upcoming posts and adventures (Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Dinseyland and Disney Sea, Universal Studios Trips, running Universal, runDisney, Disneyalnd Trips, my two dogs) go check out the brand new site Dezi’s Nook

Thank you to everyone who has commented, and followed along this crazy journey and hope you will join me in the newest adventure!


Disneyland: Hong Kong & Tokyo

Last night I was looking at flights and hotels and the next thing I knew I was looking at my confirmation emails to my trip to Tokyo. So my flight has two layovers one in LA for two hours and the other in Hong Kong for about 10 hours, which means I will be taking a trip into Disneyland while I wait to hop on the plane to Tokyo. Ill be in Tokyo for five days, three days which are dedicated to Disney and the other just to explore! So if you have any tips, tricks or suggestions please let me know in the comments!


Disney After Dark: 90’s Nite Specialty Food!

I love Disney After Dark especially the specialty foods, so when I got a hold of the 90’s nite foods, I made a list of my own foods that I can’t wait to try!

Alien Pizza Planet:

Asian Chicken Salad $10.49

BBQ Chicken Pizza (slice) $8.99

Galactic Grill:

Fried Food Basket $1049

Fried cheese curds, onion petals and ranch dusted fries served with chipotle ranch dipping sauce

Gibson Girl Ice Cream

Choco-cones (available after 9pm) $6.29

Jolly Holiday:

Mini Bagel Pizza $7.49

Donut Holes Nachos $9.99

Toasted Strawberry Strudel $4.99

Mint Julep BAr:

Cherry or Sour Apple Dip Beignets- 3pack $5.49 or 6 pack $8.99

Rancho del Zocalo:

Fry Bread Tacos $12.99

Red Rose Tavern:

Pepperoni Pizza Bagel Twist $6.99

Grey Stuff Shake $7.49

Refreshment Corner:

Circle up Hot Dog (available after 9pm) $9.49

I am so excited to try these new foods tomorrow night! Will you be there?


Walt Disney Family Museum: Membership!

February 29, 2019 I can proudly and excitingly say that I have become an official member of the WDFM! I found that the Dual membership was the way to go for me. My job each year goes to the persidio for meetings and I love it because for our hour long lunch break I go the WDFM and buy everything I can from their shop, now I get to hang out in the museum part. I live in the city and sometimes I just want to go and hang out and this is definitely giving me the option to go whenever!


Food & Wine 2019: Tips and Tricks!

Food and wine has some pretty cool changed this year. They have included extra places for foods. If you get the Sip and Savor Pass you can use a tab not only from the kiosks, but from Paradise Grill and special carts around DCA. Another cool option this year is buying food from another kiosk. For example if I wanted the wings from Cluck-a-doodle-moo but it has a long line (which it always has a long line) while the Berry Patch has no one in line you can order your wings from the the Berry Patch and walk over to the pick up area for cluck-a-doodle-moo hand them your receipt and tada you have your wings with a less wait time.


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