Now It’s Time To Say Goodbye…Bugs Land

September 4th, 2018 is the final day to hang out in Bugs Land before it goes away forever. So get to DCA and get those final pictures because September is coming up! Are you excited that the land is leaving? Or are you going to miss it?


Hocus Pocus Merchandise Is HERE!

I have always wanted Hocus Pocus Merchandise and I thought Walt Disney World came out with Hocus Pocus  a Villain Spectacular in 2015 that they would make merchandise for the show for but nope! Out of luck still, but its ok Disney waited until this year the 25th anniversary to bring us  a bunch of hocus pocus merchandise! So if you are like me, were going to have to do a haul post of everything Hocus Pocus that I purchased! If you haven’t seen the merchandise heres what you can now purchase!

Flood Building!

The Flood Building is a 12 story high rise located in San Francisco, deigned  by Albert Pissis and completed in 1904. The building was formerly housed by Baldwins Hotel and Theater which was unfortunately destroyed  in 1898 by a fire. It was one of the few buildings to survive both the fire and the earthquake of 1906. The building today now houses over 250 tenants from around he world. On the ground floor you can find shops like Gap, Urban Outfitters, Anthropology along with Sunglass Hut and Watch Station. There is a longtime head of security who claims he can hear the screams of the panicked fire victims of the 1989 fire. If you would like to check out the Flood Building then you can find it 870 Market Street.


Disney Did You Know!?!

Disneyland Park in Ca, was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays from 1958 to 1985. It’s crazy to think the parks wasn’t open to the public 365 days a year!


What’s Happening Wednesday!

So much is going on BUT I narrowed it down to three main topics that I found pretty interesting! So let’s get talking!


  • The checkpoint by the former Rainforest Cafe will be closed July 2nd, 2018 to accommodate construction. While the checkpoint near the former AMC theater will be staying where it is and looks to be the only checkpoint for the Downtown Disney District.
  • Guests who want to park in the Downtown District North Lot will be directed to Simba’s Lot starting July 9th, 2018. This is due to construction so that the guests staying at the Disneyland Hotel will have parking.

Walt Disney World:

  • There are some 20% discounts on select WDW Resort hotels if you are planning for any Fall and Holiday vacations between October 8-December 24, 2018. Book now through October 7, 2018. For those planning on going during the holiday seasons Between November 11- December 24, 2018 book from October 8- December 24, 2018!

Hong Kong Disneyland:

  • Duffy has met a new pal on Main Street USA! Cookie, is a puppy who is curious about food! You can find merchandise for her, special treats with her signature bow and chef hat!


AP: upgrade or not to upgrade that is the question!

I have been an AP holder for about 13+ years now and I’m not looking to give it up anytime soon, my dilemma is do I upgrade my signature pass to a signature plus pass?

I can see in my future A LOT more Haunted Mansion Holiday rides! But I don’t usually go the week or two I’m blocked out…so what should I do???


DAD: Star Wars Nite Review!

WOW! To sum it all up it was a lot of fun, it was a lot different then DAD: Throwback Nite. For one there was a lot more people who attended and a lot less people who dressed up. Some of the character meet and greets were: Darth Vader, R2D2, C3-PO, Rey, Kylo Ren, Rey, and Darth Maul. There were specialty foods EVERYWHERE, droids on main street, and JAWA’s in Tomorrowland. It was a crazy, crazy night.

I did not get to see the merchandise because the lines to get into The Emporium and The Star Trader was a lot longer then  I was willing to stand in. I did however get a chance to snag a pretty cool Star Wars Jacket, that I absolutely love before the actual event started.

Over at Galactic Grill some of the food was too much for my nerd-self to handle. They had Blue Milk which was a Jasmine Boba Tea and that was amazing also at Galactic Grill I inquired a Darth Vader Stein which sits proudly next to my Captain Phasma stein from the last time I was there. Accumulating things from the actual event did not go as planned because the lines were hours long and I really wanted to embrace everything else the park had to offer such as, food, fireworks, the countdown to May the Fourth.

One thing I was pretty sad to see was the fact that all the meet and greets were inside. There was no characters walking around the park and Disney had a harder time getting guests without a ticket to exit the park so entering was a bit crazy.


It’s Medal Time!

I just received my Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon medal in the mail today and it was a really nice way to end this week because it has been a stressful one.

More will be updated tomorrow…


runDisney Virtual Running Shorts: Series 3

Its going to be an INCREDIBLE summer! For all my runDisney participants out there, the Incredibles family will be hosting the 2018 Virtual Running Shorts! So, get those legs ready to run, walk, or stroll with a four legged friend, a two legged friend or go solo on the course of your choice.



There are not one, not two but THREE individual races you can choose from all with a different commemorative finisher medal  featuring: Elastagirl, Mr. Incredible and Violet or Dash and baby Jack Jack. Now, you can sign up for them individually OR you can take on the ultimate Super Hero Challenge by signing up for the Series and receiving 4 medals. The organization for this year will be the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida who have helped inspire hope and opportunities in those who need it since 1944.


Virtual Running 5k-June:

*Medal, Magnet Frame, Downloadable race bib, Downloadable Finisher Certificate.

-Elastagirl Completer Medal

-Time Frame June 1- June 30, 2018

-3.1 Miles


*Medal, Magnet Frame, Downloadable race bib, Downloadable Finisher Certificate.

Virtual Running 5k-July:

*Medal, Magnet, Downloadable race bib, Downloadable Finisher Certificate.

-Mr. Incredible and Violet Medal

-Time Frame July 1- June 31, 2018

-3.1 Miles


Virtual Running 5k-August:

*Medal, Magnet Frame, Downloadable race bib, Downloadable Finisher Certificate.

-Dash and Jack Jack Medal

-Time Frame August 1- August 31, 2018

-3.1 Miles


Virtual Running Series:

*Four Medals, Magnet Frame, Resistance band, Hot/Cold Pack, Downloadable race bib, Downloadable Finisher Certificate.

-Mr. Incredible and Violet Medal

-Time Frame July 1- June 31, 2018

-3.1 Miles




This is the third year of the Virtual Running Shorts and y third year participating and I LOVE IT! I get my runDisney miles in, I get to run with my puppies. Another reason I love these series, is my Nana gets the opportunity to participate in a runDisney event unfortunately, her legs aren’t strong enough to ‘run’ all the way through which she would like to do in a park event but non the less she is just as addicted to the bling as I am. Will you be signing up for this Virtual Running Shorts? Let me know in the comments below!


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