Hocus Pocus The Sequel!

SHOO Natural Review!

I have been searching for years for a shampoo that I could trust for my pups. As you can imagine there has been a lot of trial and errors, the shampoo worked and I was allergic to it or vise-versa. Then I came across Shoo, they are a natural and vegan shampoo that works wonders. I loved everything the product offered so I bought Regular Shampoo, Eucalyptus Shampoo, Wild Orange Shampoo and Natural Eucalyptus conditioner. Here is what they do:

  • Wild Orange-Calm and detox. Its filled with vitamin C supports immune system function, eliminates toxins and supports collagen formation in the skin. It helps kill bacteria and keeps fleas away without harmful chemicals.
  • Regular Shampoo- Extra sensitive skin. It has all natural coconut based shampoo. It maintains the skin balance without dryness, stimulates hair growth and strengthens hair. This is ideal for fragile and sensitive dog skin.
  • Eucalyptus- Pet odor control. Because of the fresh and distinctive smell it perfectly controls pet odor and de-skunking. It also helps heal cuts, wounds and skin infections while preventing bug and insects. It’s effective against bacteria and stimulating the mind.
  • Eucalyptus Conditioner- It helps detangle and condition the fur. It promotes coat and skin health, leaves the coat soft and silky while preventing static, relieves stress and soothes your pup. Eucalyptus helps relieve skin irritation, itchiness and reduces skin redness.


I loved everything that I read about the products and decided to take a leap of faith even though it was going to cost me $34.95. This was the most I have EVER spent on shampoo, but I was hopeful it was going to work…and I really wanted it to. Thankfully it did. Not only did I see a major change in my pups coats but they smelt AMAZING and really enjoy bath time. This is the PERFECT shampoo for my pups and worth every penny. Although, I have not finished these bottles of shampoo’s and conditioner I decided to place another order. The One For All and All For One which includes: Regular Shampoo, Cedar-Wood Shampoo, Eucalyptus Shampoo, Wild Orange Shampoo and Lavender Shampoo and it was only $8 more than my first purchase. If you are struggling to find the right shampoo for your fur babies I would highly suggest trying Shoo out, it is expensive BUT I saw a difference the first wash.


DAD: Star Wars Nite Review!

WOW! To sum it all up it was a lot of fun, it was a lot different then DAD: Throwback Nite. For one there was a lot more people who attended and a lot less people who dressed up. Some of the character meet and greets were: Darth Vader, R2D2, C3-PO, Rey, Kylo Ren, Rey, and Darth Maul. There were specialty foods EVERYWHERE, droids on main street, and JAWA’s in Tomorrowland. It was a crazy, crazy night.

I did not get to see the merchandise because the lines to get into The Emporium and The Star Trader was a lot longer then  I was willing to stand in. I did however get a chance to snag a pretty cool Star Wars Jacket, that I absolutely love before the actual event started.

Over at Galactic Grill some of the food was too much for my nerd-self to handle. They had Blue Milk which was a Jasmine Boba Tea and that was amazing also at Galactic Grill I inquired a Darth Vader Stein which sits proudly next to my Captain Phasma stein from the last time I was there. Accumulating things from the actual event did not go as planned because the lines were hours long and I really wanted to embrace everything else the park had to offer such as, food, fireworks, the countdown to May the Fourth.

One thing I was pretty sad to see was the fact that all the meet and greets were inside. There was no characters walking around the park and Disney had a harder time getting guests without a ticket to exit the park so entering was a bit crazy.


It’s Medal Time!

I just received my Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon medal in the mail today and it was a really nice way to end this week because it has been a stressful one.

More will be updated tomorrow…


runDisney Virtual Running Shorts: Series 3

Its going to be an INCREDIBLE summer! For all my runDisney participants out there, the Incredibles family will be hosting the 2018 Virtual Running Shorts! So, get those legs ready to run, walk, or stroll with a four legged friend, a two legged friend or go solo on the course of your choice.



There are not one, not two but THREE individual races you can choose from all with a different commemorative finisher medal  featuring: Elastagirl, Mr. Incredible and Violet or Dash and baby Jack Jack. Now, you can sign up for them individually OR you can take on the ultimate Super Hero Challenge by signing up for the Series and receiving 4 medals. The organization for this year will be the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida who have helped inspire hope and opportunities in those who need it since 1944.


Virtual Running 5k-June:

*Medal, Magnet Frame, Downloadable race bib, Downloadable Finisher Certificate.

-Elastagirl Completer Medal

-Time Frame June 1- June 30, 2018

-3.1 Miles


*Medal, Magnet Frame, Downloadable race bib, Downloadable Finisher Certificate.

Virtual Running 5k-July:

*Medal, Magnet, Downloadable race bib, Downloadable Finisher Certificate.

-Mr. Incredible and Violet Medal

-Time Frame July 1- June 31, 2018

-3.1 Miles


Virtual Running 5k-August:

*Medal, Magnet Frame, Downloadable race bib, Downloadable Finisher Certificate.

-Dash and Jack Jack Medal

-Time Frame August 1- August 31, 2018

-3.1 Miles


Virtual Running Series:

*Four Medals, Magnet Frame, Resistance band, Hot/Cold Pack, Downloadable race bib, Downloadable Finisher Certificate.

-Mr. Incredible and Violet Medal

-Time Frame July 1- June 31, 2018

-3.1 Miles




This is the third year of the Virtual Running Shorts and y third year participating and I LOVE IT! I get my runDisney miles in, I get to run with my puppies. Another reason I love these series, is my Nana gets the opportunity to participate in a runDisney event unfortunately, her legs aren’t strong enough to ‘run’ all the way through which she would like to do in a park event but non the less she is just as addicted to the bling as I am. Will you be signing up for this Virtual Running Shorts? Let me know in the comments below!


San Francisco Art Institution​

San Francisco Art Institute is a beautiful building that was built in 1926. From the opening day of January 15, 1927, students thought something wasn’t right about the tower. Bill Morehouse, a live-in night watchman in 1947, claimed to hear footsteps up to the first, second, and third floor where he would watch the handle to his door turn and his door opening and shutting but never saw anyone. An ex-faculty member Wally Hendrick said he was working one night when all the tools in the sculpture studio room would go on. In 1968, the ghostly encounters got worse due to the ghost turning evil. A plague of evilness started occurring to the students who worked the night shift things from motorcycle accidents to family tragedies.


During the renovation in 1968 of the tower, workers reported several encounters with frustrated ghosts who would tear up the furniture. Construction had to be delayed for several months due to a series of near-fatal accidents that were blamed on the spirits. Some construction workers quit due to the fact that they were scared of the site. Psychics were called in where they had a seance in the tower to find out that the “frustrated ghosts” were actually generations of frustrated students.


Little Piggies!

I have found the PERFECT treat for my littles…Little Piggies are not only chicken free for my lil girl BUT they are tiny and t don’t have to break it up for my pups to eat it!

They have three different flavors: Apple, Blueberry, and Applewood Bacon. They also come in two sizes BIG and mini. Two out of the three I got right and the other i accidentally got the bigger bag.

To make these treats better, some have a little piggy face and some a little piggy butt! I think the packaging and the treats themselves are adorable and my pups go CRAZY for them! So over all they are a win win! What is your pups favorite dog treat?


On This Day: Peter Pan

February 5, 1953 came the story of a boy who never grows up. The film was extremely successful  but Walt Disney himself was dissatisfied with the finished product. He felt that the character of Peter Pan was cold and un-liked.


In the original play, he looses his right hand but the Disney artists felt that would limit his actions too much and switched the hook to the left hand. Kathryn Beaumont who provided the voice for Wendy, also performed the live action reference. In an interview she said she had to hold her arms out and pretend to fly for all the scenes requiring it.

Walt Disney had been trying to buy the film rights to J.M Barries play since 1935, having been smitten by a traveling production of the play when he was a child. Disney secured the rights in 1939, making this the 14th animated Disney film.

Happy birthday Peter!


2017 Recap!

This year was full of adventure!

From Finding Neverland- Aladdin at the SHN Theater both amazing and magical shows. My little one breaking her paw because she loves food way too much and my little man going under to get some teeth pulled.

My grandma moved out on her own, and for the first Christmas we made cookies together and had fun decorating her house for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s hard not having her there when I get home BUT I’m glad I’m still able to see her.

From an almost undefeated season in volleyball, to meeting someone at a hockey game and learning that Canadians say pencil crayons and not colored pencils.

Taking my dad to the Winchester Mystery House and re watching all the episodes for the billionth time.

My mom got her gallbladder removed, my dad getting his hand stuck in the AC and having to have surgery to me getting my wisdom teeth out right before the CRAZIEST trip in my Disney history.

Starting 2018 off right by running (once again) The Dopey Challenge but this time with my mom and taking on Jeff Galloway’s 2018 challenge! This year is starting off with 48.6 miles and ending in 2018 miles.

Happy New Year, the pups and I hope this new year starts off amazing and just keeps getting magical as the year goes on!


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