runDisney 2019: Race Day

Another run bites the dust! Race day came and went and today was an insane day! So my mom and I woke up at 3am got dressed and ready for the race and caught the bus at about 3:45am. We hung out at in front  of the stage until 4:30am, went over to the corrals and hung out for two hours due to the fact Disney decided to change up the run a bit and have mini waves in each corral so the traffic would be lighter. In my opinion, I don’t think it worked because we still got hit with walls of people, and walls of people who were walking. All and all the run took us 27 minutes to finish, I was hoping to PR this race BUT like I said there were so many people blocking it was hard to get around but it was still a lot of fun.

We got back to the hotel at 7 something, got in the shower and went straight to Disney Springs to pick up some gifts for family and friends. We headed back to the hotel hopped on the bus of shame (the bus to go home) and spent the rest of the day in the air. Overall the race was a lot of fun, 5k’s are my favorite because they take the least amount of time and I don’t get into my head. Congrats, to everyone who ran or participated in the 5k today because 3 miles is still a lot and you should be proud and wear your medal proudly because you accomplished those 3 miles! Good luck to everyone who are running, the 10k, 1/2, Goofy and or Dopey! You got this!


runDisney 2018: Packet Pickup!

The plane landed a bit later than what we wanted, the Magical Express line was insanely long and we got to the hotel 7:30 hopped off, got on the runDisney Expo bus and got to ESPN Wide World of Sports about 7:45, ran over to pick up our bib, ran to the next building to pick up our shirts, where my mom exchanged hers so we only had 12 more minutes to head over to the third building and well with 3 minutes to spare we made it into the Official merchandise building and speed shopped, we had 10 minutes to shop and get to the register. It was an insane night and I don’t fully remember everything I saw but I know I spent WAY WAY WAY too much money.


Disneyland Price Increase 2019!

The most anticipated (not loved) price increase of 2019 has made it’s debut for Star Wars: Galaxy Edge has made a bigger jump than what everyone was expecting. So, here are the updated prices to look forward to this year.

Single Day: Original price- New price

  • 1 Day value $99 – $104
  • 1 Day park hopper value $147 – $154
  • 1 Day regular $117 – $129
  • 1 Day park hopper regular $167 – $179
  • 1 Day peak $135 – $149
  • 1 Day park hopper peak $185 – $199

Multiple Days:

  • 2 Day $210 – $225
  • 2 Day with PH $260 – $280
  • 3 Day $280 – $300
  • 3 Day with PH $330 – $355
  • 4 Day $305 – $325
  • 4 Day with PH $355 – $380
  • 5 Day $320 – $340
  • 5 Day with PH $370 – $395

Of course its not a price increase without the Parking, MaxPass, and the Annual Passes as well so here are those prices as well:

Pakring– $20 -$25


  • Day to Day $10 – $15
  • AP add on $75 – $100

Annual Pass:

  • Select $369 -$399
  • Deluxe $729 -$799
  • Signature $999 – $1149
  • Signature Plus $1149 – $1399
  • Premier $1579 – $1949

I knew this was coming but I didn’t expect the prices to jump as much as they did. My question is does this affect your decision to go to the parks? or renew your AP?


RunDisney 2019: What I Packed For WDW Marathon Weekend!

This Wednesday I’m heading to Orlando to do my first run of the year! This is a 24 hour trip so I’m heading there and I’ll be back in time for adulting on Friday…I know the magic is limited. However, I’m going down in sweats, packing the overnight essentials. This gives me room to go CRAZY at the official merch and of course get an entirely new outfit for the way home! I mean a girls gotta have her standards!


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