Disney Plus Update

Who is excited for the Streaming Service??? If you want to find out more informating about this new streaming service like the release date (Nov. 12) and what shows will be aking a debut, remade, or moved click here!


New Site and New Posts

I have decided to retire this site and start over, DeziThinks became more like my brain and scattered everywhere. I was behind on posts and I was getting overwhelmed with everything. In taking a break I was able to organize the posts and what I really wanted to talk about, so if you are interested in upcoming posts and adventures (Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Dinseyland and Disney Sea, Universal Studios Trips, running Universal, runDisney, Disneyalnd Trips, my two dogs) go check out the brand new site Dezi’s Nook

Thank you to everyone who has commented, and followed along this crazy journey and hope you will join me in the newest adventure!


runDisney: Wine and Dine 2019

Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend has OFFICIALLY opened for Nov.1-3 , 2019 in Walt Disney World. This is one of the only races I need to before ive completed all of runDisney events and I was planing on signing up for this event this year but when I looked at the dates right before sign ups I realized that I was unable to do so because Nov. 2 I will be attending Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that day.

Since I have already bought my tickets for the play I did not sign up and I am really sad that its gettingn put off another year. Will you be siging up for this race weekend?


Disneyland: Hong Kong & Tokyo

Last night I was looking at flights and hotels and the next thing I knew I was looking at my confirmation emails to my trip to Tokyo. So my flight has two layovers one in LA for two hours and the other in Hong Kong for about 10 hours, which means I will be taking a trip into Disneyland while I wait to hop on the plane to Tokyo. Ill be in Tokyo for five days, three days which are dedicated to Disney and the other just to explore! So if you have any tips, tricks or suggestions please let me know in the comments!


Accio Tickets!

Monday, March 11, 2019, at 11 am, I purchased tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child part one and two at the Curran Theater in San Francisco, Saturday, November 2, 2019. The part one of the play is 2hrs and 45 min and the second part is 2hrs and 35 minutes and I made the decision to spend all of Saturday watching part one and two of the play, and I know it’s going to be magical! I love Harry Potter, so when I found out it was coming to SF I knew I needed to get tickets to see because it’s so close to my house!

I have nine months to get ready for this play and what I mean by that is I’ve only watched the movies (multiple times, every weekend) I thought it was only fitting to FINALLY read all the Harry Potter books including Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Wish me luck,


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