Disney After Dark #2: Star Wars Nite Review

Star Wars Nite was in my opinion completely different from Throwback Nite. So, Throwback Nite was a lot more of a calm vibe, everyone was super friendly and positive, and not a lot of people attended the first one, but Star War Nite was insane. There were crowds everywhere and sadly I didn’t feel like waiting in the hours and hours long line to see the merchandise. At this event, although it was still a lot of fun to see the character, I didn’t do a whole lot because the lines were insane. I did see R2D2, C3PO, and ate some specialty food for the nite. I also think it had a different vibe for me because I went with my mom and she just had her stitches removed from her surgery she had a week before. Disney also had announced that due to the high demand of popularity from this event they were adding another night. I feel like it takes away from the first night, but I am excited that the other people get to enjoy and experience Star Wars Nite as well.


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