Disney After Dark #4: 90’s Nite Review

I am 100% at a loss for words. 90’s nite was the most fantastic event I have ever been too. The fireworks brought me to tears; everyone was singing and dancing along with them, especially for Stand Out. The food was incredible except for the Kool-Aid pickles those were questionable. One of the character meet and greets Max Goof dressed up as the one and only Powerline, but what made the meet and greet was when Goofy came to switch with Max, and they did the perfect cast together. I was completely done; it was terrific. Another favorite memory was watching the Fantasmic Monkey’s dancing to Nsync and Hanson between every picture and during every picture, but the best dance party was watching all the cast member, chip n dale, and guest dance up and down Main Street to Bye Bye Bye, The Macarena and so many other great 90’s hits. This was a perfect night, and I am glad I was able to attend.

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