Virtual Minion 5k

Running Universal is hosting their first-ever virtual race based off of their Inaugural Minion 5k that took place in May. A virtual run allows participants to walk, jog, and run wherever they want and take as long as they need to finish. This event is based on the honor system, so only you know if you completed the event or not.

What you’ll get:

  • Minion 5k finisher medal
  • Minion pin
  • Minion drawstring backpack
  • Downloadable minion running bib
  • Downloadable finisher certificate

I find virtual events great for training and a great way to spend time with your family. For instance, my grandma (Nani) is 80 years old and likes to be active but can’t do a 15-minute mile but with virtual events, she gets to do it at her own pace and still get the reward of a medal which helps encourage her to keep active. One thing I am nervous about signing up for this event is that I will get the same stuff I received when I participated in the Inaugural 5k in the park. I feel like it is all the medals and merch that was leftover so it won’t say ‘virtual’ the medal, bag or pin but I am hoping running Universal proves me wrong.


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