Halloween Horror Nights 2019

Pre-sale is officially over, which means all the ticket options are now available! My cousins and I were finally able to purchase our HHN tickets; the general admission is what worked best for us. Here are all the updates:

Single Day:

  • Fan Preview Night General Admission- $69
  • Fan Preview Night Express- $179
  • General Admission- $67-$102
  • Universal Express- $159-$299 *One time express access to each maze
  • Universal Express Unlimited- $189-$299
  • R.I.P Tour- $279-$409
  • After 2pm Day/Night- $99-$147
  • Universal Express Pass after 2pm- $189-$289 *One time express access to each maze after 2 pm

Frequent Fear Pass:

  • Unlimited Fear Pass- $299 *up to 32 nights
  • Fan Preview 9/12 & Frequent Fear Pass- $199 *up to 26 nights
  • Frequent Fear Pass- $179 *up to 25 nights
  • September Pass- $109 *up to 11 nights

Maze Updates:

  • Stranger Things
  • Ghostbusters
  • Frankenstein meets the Wolfman
  • Killer Clowns from Outterspace
  • Holidayz in Hell
  • Walking Dead

*4 more mazes will be announced.


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