My Morning Routine 2019

Good morning!!

The alarm goes off at 5:45 am, and the pups and I ignore it until about 6 am. We cuddle for a good 5 minutes, and this is where I reach over to my nightstand and grab their comb and hair ties. How I do their hair depends on how lazy we are in the morning where they can get an adorable hairdo or a messy bun.

The next thing we do is get our coats on because our lazy butts go for a short walk because the cold San Francisco air helps us wake up. Once the walk is over, we head in for breakfast. Belle gets her food warmed up, and Tarzan gets room temperature food. I get ready for the day. Once I’m ready, I change their pee pad and wash their water and food bowls, and give them cold freshwater.

I give them a ton of kisses and hugs, and I close the door leading into their kennel again, giving them a lot more kisses and hugs before leaving, which is about 6:50 am. That is our morning routine, which it sometimes changes if we get up earlier, we go for another short walk after they eat breakfast.


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