D23 2019 Series: Disneyland 2

Avengers Campus is the name of the new Marvel-inspired land coming to Disney’s California Adventure Park in 2020. The campus is a recruitment area for the new generation of superheroes. The Worldwide Engineering Brigade, also known as “WEB” is home to the new Spiderman experience, where you have to sling your webs like Spiderman himself to collect the spider-bots. A new E-ticket attraction where your adventure begins onboard the Quinjet putting guests in the middle of the action of the Avengers and an unannounced villain. Aside from the rides, you can experience a new restaurant called the PYM Test Kitchen. The PYM Test Kitchen will allow guest to experience food growing and shrinking, just like Ant-Man and the Wasp. Of course, to top the entire experience of you can encounter the Avengers themselves walking around campus.


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