Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Tips, Tricks and Review

I was lucky enough to go to Disneyland opening weekend of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and wow! The ride is such an immersive and magical experience that I honestly think you would love it even if you are not a fan of Star Wars.

I’ve learned a couple of things over the weekend that I think worked out well for my family and me.

  • You don’t have to arrive at the park hours before opening.

-This weekend the gates opened at 7:30, which is the time I arrived each day. You also have to make sure everyone in your party has their tickets and get scanned into Disneyland. Boarding Passes don’t open until 8 am.

  • Designate People

-I suggest you designate one person to grab the boarding passes and another person to watch the time.

-Have all your park tickets on one account because this will ensure you will ride together with your family if you get a Boarding Pass.

  • The app is the FASTEST

-Open the app around 7:59:57 seconds. This worked well for me because, by the time it hit 8 am, the into to the app was already over, and I was able to grab a boarding pass.

-DO NOT refresh. You will waste time. The boarding passes take longer to update, and you will have to exit out of the app and re-open it.

-You can line up at the entrance of Batuu or the line for Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters to try and get a pass there, but the APP IS FASTER and would suggest waiting in line and doing the app if you are that worried.

Disneyland gets as quiet as a library as the minutes get closer to get a boarding pass, and once 8 am -8:02/3 am hits, everyone is cheering. Personally, it was a lot of anxiety for me, but overall I would 100% do it again. Rise of the Resistance is definitely one of my top rides in the Disney Parks.


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