Disney Store: Easter Egg Hunt

Today, I decided to stop by my local Disney Store to participate in their Easter Egg Hunt. They are closing due to the COVID-19 March 17, 2020, so today was my last chance. Just like in the parks, you get a map and stickers ($9.99), but in the store, they give you Mickey Bunny ears to wear as you find the eggs.

So I proudly wore my ears throughout the store, and once I located them all, I told the fantastic cast member (whose name I completely forgot). As I pointed them out to him, he placed the stickers on my map, once complete we went back to the counter, and I was able to pick out an egg with Mickey ears, pants and shoes that had a surprise package in there. I got Donald, my mom got Mickey, and we had a bag full of Mickey confetti with Minnie bows as well.

Overall I enjoyed the experience, it was a lot of fun, and the cast members were terrific. Hopefully, they will continue to have the egg hunt when the stores open back up. If not, I am glad I got to participate this year.


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