Disney Store Key Collection

It all started with my baby cousin (BC). My BC loved going to the Disney Store, and one day she was chosen to open up the store and got herself a Disney Store Key, and a week later, she got me one. Which is where my collection began…Soon after my collection started to grow, and now I have 10 magical keys (don’t worry, my grandma helped me grow her collection as well):

  • Aladdin Key – Came out in honor of the live-action Aladdin
  • Toy Story 4 Key – For the release of the new movie
  • Minnie Mouse Key – Positively Minnie Collection
  • Holiday Key-Came out to celebrate the Holidays
  • D23 Expo Key- D23 Disney Store exclusive
  • Donald Duck Key- In honor of his 85th anniversary
  • Frozen 2 Key- In honor of the release of Frozen 2
  • Tigger Key- In honor of 2020 leap day
  • Cinderella Key- In honor of the movies 70th anniversary

I am missing two (that I know of), which is Mickey Mouse and the Olaf key. Mickey Mouse I was out of town and couldn’t get it and the Olaf Key I chose not to get because you had to spend $260 for the Anna and Elsa dolls and I couldn’t bring myself to do it since the keys are free with the minimum purchase of $15. Do you collect the Disney Store Keys?


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