runDisney: Virtual Wine & Dine Weekend 2020

runDisney announced that the Wine and Dine 2020 Weekend would be turned into a virtual event. When they first announced they were only offering to the people who signed up for the on-site event, but when a lot of people chose a refund over the virtual event, spots opened up, and runDisney opened it up to more people.

So, when runDisney opened registration this morning, I couldn’t resist signing up. I chose to do all the races, Two-Course Challenge, which is 19.3 miles, and the 5K at 3.1 miles. I will receive four medals 5k, 10K, and Half Marathon along with the challenge medal, and along with the medals, I will also be receiving four shirts, which I am also very excited.

If you are looking to sign up for The Wine Dine you can visit runDisney as of right now, all events are still available.


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