San Francisco is all about the cold, windy and foggy days where you need layers unless it’s hot, then we panic because we don’t have AC but lots of ways to stay warm. For the pups, I make their favorite hot day treat pupsicles. It’s effortless to make and a great way to keep your furry friends hydrated and cool!

What you need:

  • Silicone mold
  • Coconut oil
  • Pureed fruit (make sure your pups can eat it)

What to do:

  • With your silicone mold fill half way with coconut oil.
  • Add in your pureed fruit. I like to used blueberries, pears, banana, pumpkin and raspberries.
  • Set it in the freezer until frozen and serve to your pups!

Because I use small molds, they freeze in about 20 minutes and move them to a bowl I keep in the freezer that holds them so I can make more. The pups enjoy it, and I know they are getting a treat that will help cool them off throughout the day.


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