Haunted: Queen Anne Hotel

Built-in 1980, The Queen Anne Hotel originally started as the most exclusive girls boarding school in the San Francisco area. Miss Mary Lake was the headmistress of the boarding school. Allegedly Mary Lake had an affair with James “slippery Jim” Fair, the Senator who funded the beautiful Victorian Mansion. Although Mary Lake denied the rumors, a local newspaper published an article titled “Cupid and Mr. Fair.” It wasn’t until Mary’s death when all the nasty stories of the affair stopped. The hotel is haunted by Mary Lake, even though she is buried more than 3,000 miles away. They said her spirit is one of the friendliest ghosts that haunt room 410, which used to be Mary’s office. Guests of the room have woken up with their bedding neatly tucked around them, their clothes put away. The haunting is not just in room 410; guests of the hotels have also reported feeling cold spots in the hallways and seeing strange reflections in the hotel’s mirrors.

Would you be willing to stay in The Queen Anne Hotel?


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