New Flea Medication

The littles are on a new flea medication. Initially, we used NexGuard (which I loved). Every three months, when they need a refill, the pups would go in and get a check-up to make sure their kidney is still functioning how they should be and make sure they are still healthy. When they get the all-clear from their vet, we order another three months of NexGuard. Sadly, something dramatic happened in our lives back in October. The vets found it best to switch them over to Simparica. This is the first time I will be using this brand, and although I am nervous about the switch, I know that it is in their best interest. We are still recovering from the incident in October, but it will take some time to adjust. I set up an appointment after the first dose of Simparica to make sure that their bodies could handle it.

What flea medication have you used?


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