Knott’s Berry Farm Haul

I love Knott’s, so when we stopped by to pick up Mrs. Knotts Chicken Dinner, I had to stop in at the marketplace to pick up some goodies for the family back home. So here is everything I bought:

  • Boysenberry Punch (Sugar free for my Uncle)
  • Boysenberry Jam (seedless for my Aunt)
  • Boysenberry BBQ sauce (for my Uncle)
  • Boysenberry Pie (for the family to share)
  • Boysenberry Sarsaparilla (for the family)
  • Peppermint Sarsaparilla (for the family)
  • Bucket of Chicken (for the family)
  • Boysenberry Cookies (for the family)
  • Boysenberry Macaroon (for the family)
  • Boysenberry Cheesecake (for the family)

Not a lot of items but something for everyone. What is your favorite thing to pick up at Knott’s?


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