Puppy Summer Essentials

Summers can be hot, and even though we live in San Francisco and have some hot days, we visit places in the summer that are extremely hot. So here are things I like to pack for my littles to beat the heat:

  1. Cooling Gel Pad
  • These work great to keep them cool. I like to have one with me at all times whenever we travel to the heat.

2. Sunscreen

  • Sunscreen is a must. I pack nose sunscreen, body sunscreen and paw protective sunscreen. It’s a must to keep them protective.

3. Water and Water Bowl

  • Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Water is a must to beat the heat. What I like to do is freeze a water bottle so as it sits in the heat it will stay cold even as it melts.

4. Snout Soother

  • This is for chapped noses. Although, my littles have never had a chapped nose I like to put this on them in the heat just so they don’t get chapped.

5. PawTection

  • I love this stuff. Even though I check the ground before I let the pups down I like to put this on their paws to protect them from any hot surface. It also works with snow and salt.

6. Fans

  • Yes, I bought my pups fans. I feel like if I need to pull out my fan than they are going to need one too! So yes they have fans to help cool them down. They get three fans on them total depending on the weather.

7. Umbrella

  • I use a regular umbrella that I have laying around the house. I like to use it over their travel bag to keep it in the shade.

Yes, I hold a lot of things for the pups just for the sun, but I think these are essential for my dogs. We grew up in the fog, and our hottest day on a good day is 70º. So I take extra precautions when we travel to the heat. One thing I like to do is set up their travel kennel by placing the cooling pad inside. I hook up all the fans, so they have the cooling pad and a whirlwind of cool air if they go in. Next, the Umbrella goes over to keep them in the shade. They have water access, but when I notice the water getting warm, I dump it out and give them cool fresh water.

What are your puppy summer necessities?


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