Haunted: Cafe Du Nora

Cafe Du Nod has been a staple of San Francisco’s nightlife since 1907. They provide food and live music to their gusts. What makes this place exciting is that Cafe Fu Nord is located downstairs below the Swedish-American Hall. To get to the cafe, you have to walk through a secret interior stairwell. Workers claim to hear sulking around the Swedish Hall by the “Piano Man.” They also say he sits in the dark lobby lounge or plays some notes on the stage piano. Guests of the cafe see a “Lady in Red.” This spirit lingers in the cafe late at night. They say she guards the entrance to the old speakeasy tunnel; she also likes to manipulate the room’s lighting.

If you ever wanted to check out this haunted cafe, you can find it at 2174 Market St. San Francisco, Ca. Will you check it out?


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