Haunted: Haskell House

If you are in San Francisco and want to visit somewhere, that may or may not have ghosts. I would check out the Haskell House. People claim to have seen a man in a top hat pacing the rooms from time to time. Some think it’s Mayor Leonidas Haskell himself, while others lean towards Senator David Broderick. Others who walk past the house say they see a shadow or feel like someone was following them. In 1859, Senator David Broderick and former California Supreme Court Justice David Terry near Lake Merced, where Senator David Broderick was shot in the head. At the time of the incident, a judge decided no law has been broken, so Broderick may be lingering around with some unfinished business.

You can find Haskell House at 3 Franklin St. San Francisco, Ca, 94123. If you choose to visit, please be respectful to the people who live in the house and the neighbors around.


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