SF Filming Locations: Princess Diaries

My little cousin and I recently watched The Princess Diaries, which gave us a fantastic idea to go out in the city and find as many filming locations. So here are the ones we found:

Mia and Helens House:

724 Brazil Avenue at Athens Street in the Excelsior District

  • Mia and her free spirited mother Here live in an old abandoned building in the southern part of the city. I lived two blocks away from their house and passed it all the time. Which is why I knew exactly where this one was.

Penny Arcade:

Fisherman’s Warf

  • Where Mia takes Queen Clarisse during their outing in San Francisco. This was another easy one because I grew up going to the Penny Arcade.

Anthony R. Grove High School:

2601 Lyon Street in the Marina District

  • This is not an actual school but it is a private residence. This was fun to visit because my cousin and I decided to reenact the some of the scenes.

Lily and Michaels House:

15 Phoenix Terrace San Francisco

  • Tucked away on Pacific Avenue between Jones and Taylor street just north of Nob Hill, you can find Lily and Michael’s House. In the movie, this is the scene where Mia picked up Lily and Michael in the limo.

Car Crash:

Taylor and Broadway Street

  • When Mia rolls down the hill and crashes into the cable car at the corner of ‘Rose and Branch.’

Cliff House:

1090 Point Lobos Avenue San Francisco ca, 94121

  • This is where Clarisse take a bite of her first corn dog. Unfortunately, the Cliff House is permanently closed but you can still get to the spot and take a bite of a corn dog which my cousin and I decided we had to do too.

If you plan on visiting these spots, please make sure you are respectful to the people who live/work at these places. I hope you have as much fun as my cousin and I did as we sang ‘Catch a Falling Star,’ arm-wrestled the arm wrestler in the Penny Arcade, and took a bite out of our ‘first’ corn dog at the Cliff House.

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