Blogtober 2021: Day 24

Twisted Wonderland

I have heard the BEST news of my life. I am obsessed with the Japanese mobile game Twisted Wonderland in March 2020 and was designed by Yana Taboso, the creator behind “Black Butler.” In March 2021, Disney released a manga for the game, which has two volumes out (as of right now). The anime adaption to twisted wonderland is coming to Disney+. Honestly, I spent such a long time translating the manga from Japanese to English. So I am so excited that I can watch the anime and continue to collect the manga, which is stunning.

In the game, the player is summoned to another world called “Twisted Wonderland.” The player is enrolled into a prestigious magician training school “Night Raven College.” The player is trying to find their way home and is guided b a masked character. The games involves the player learning magic history, alchemy, and flight techniques. The game offers seven dormitories at Night Raven College, where the player interacts with the each character in each dormitory.

  • Heartslabyul Dormitory (founded on the severity of the Queen of Hearts)
  • Savannacraw Dormitory (founded on the tenacity of the King of Beasts)
  • Octavinelle Dormitory (founded on the compassion of the Sea Witch)
  • Scarabia Dormitory (founded on the deliberation of the Sorcerer of the Sand)
  • Pomefiore Dormitory (founded on the unrelenting efforts of the Beautiful Queen)
  • Ignihyde Dormitory (founded on the diligence of the Lord of the Dead)
  • Diasomnia Dormitory (founded on the elegance of the Witch of Thorns)
  • Ramshackle Dormitory (A dorm that has been abandoned and occupied by ghosts)

If you enjoy Disney and you enjoy anime/manga, I would 100% recommend this series. I know it will be spooktacular, and I can’t wait for more information about it coming to Disney+. Have you heard of Twisted Wonderland before?


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