Thanksmas 2021: Day 16

Gratitude Pumpkin

Every year I do a gratitude pumpkin to remind myself that I have a lot in my life to be thankful for. Still, this year I have decided to buy a lot of little pumpkins for each of my family members and let them know what I love and am thankful for about them.

Family Members:

  • Grandparents-1
  • Aunts- 6
  • Uncles- 5
  • Parents- 2
  • Cousins- 17

Some of my cousins have recently come out that they are suffering from mental health, and although I talk with them weekly, I think this will be a great reminder of how much they mean to me. I personalized each pumpkin to each family member, and I said everything I am thankful for about them. I let them know how much they have helped me, or how they inspire me, or what I love most about them. I plan to drop these pumpkins off to them before Thanksgiving with some fall cookies from our grandma’s cookbook.

Do you have a gratitude pumpkin?


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