Thanksmas 2021: Day 27

Decorate with me: Puppy Playpen

It is time for the spookiness to be put away and the winter wonderland puppy decorations to take over! The fairy lights, the Halloween blankets, pumpkins, signs, and of course, the black cat bowl are now put away until next year.

I brought out two trees: one green and one white tree to put in their playpen. Their bowl is just their regular clear bowl once again, and their blankets are now green and red with their two penguin toys that my baby cousin gifted them a couple of years ago. I wrapped small boxes for fun to add some festiveness, and I bought them a battery-operated fireplace because it looked adorable. On top of their winter wonderland playpen, I added fake snow and fairy lights to the top of their gate.

Did you decorate for the holiday?


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