Blogmas 2021: Day 24

25 Days of Books Final Count

I had a lot of fun reading this year for 25 Days of Books. Here is what I read:

  • Shine!
  • Somewhere Only We Know
  • The Sweetest Oblivion
  • The Fine Print
  • Dirty Letters
  • The Maddest Obsession
  • The Darkest Temptation
  • Obsession
  • A Not So Meet Cute
  • Blue Morning
  • Creepy Cat vol.1
  • So This Is Christmas
  • Arsenic and Adobo
  • Her Soul To Take
  • A Spindle Splintered
  • Twittering Birds Never Fly vol. 1
  • Millennium Snow vol. 1
  • Zero’s Journey Book #0
  • Zero’s Journey Book #00
  • Zero’s Journey Book #1
  • Emergency Contact
  • Absolutely True
  • Bloom
  • A Springtime With Ninjas

So many books, but I had a lot of fun and tried my hardest to take my time. It was hard because I wanted to read multiple books a day, BUT I resisted and stuck with one except for Zero’s Journey. I read three in one day. What was your favorite Holiday book?

Merry Christmas Eve!


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