Blogmas 2021: Day 28

New Years Puppy Tips

New Year’s can be a very scary holiday for your furry friends. So, I thought of some things I do with my littles to prepare them for the craziness.

  1. Physical Activity

One way to help your furry friend to relax more is through physical activities. For me I go for a morning run and an evening hike. It’s nice because they are so much more at ease.

2. Safe Space

I have talked about having a safe space for the pups a lot. But basically it’s somewhere they can go incase they get overwhelmed they have the area where they feel the most protected.

3. Dangerous Substances

  • Alcohol
  • Fireworks, Sparklers
  • Drugs
  • Chemicals
  • Salty Snacks
  • Meat with bones
  • Sharp objects

4. Quality Time

It’s essential to keep a routine and spend time with your pups anyways, BUT it’s better for them if you spend a little extra time with them. You are their entire world, and even though their anxiety might take over and they might do something out of the ordinary, they don’t mean it. So stay calm with them and pay a little more attention to them.

  • Play ball
  • Cuddle
  • Walk
  • Hike
  • Bake puppy treats
  • Doga (Dog Yoga)

5. Safety

Make sure your pup is safe. If the pups are on the leash, ensure they can’t get loose. Please make sure the door stay’s close so they can’t run into the street. Make sure the fence is sturdy so they can’t breakthrough. Lock the gates and be sure they feel safe and calm. Reassure them and pay attention to them. They comfort us all the time, so the least we can do is comfort them in their time of need.

I hope you and your furry friend have a happy and safe New Year!


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