Playlist: January 2022

95% of the time I have headphones in and listening to music. These are the songs I am currently obsessed with.

  • 21st Century Girl- BTS
  • Peaches- Kai
  • The 7th Sense- NCT U
  • KARMA- Kingdom
  • Anymore- Jeon Somi
  • Cry For Love- Baekhyun
  • Tamed-Dashed- Enhypen
  • I DON’T MISS U-Bumzu
  • Beauty and the Beast- The Rose
  • Let Me Drown- Hyunjun Hur
  • Spider-Hoshi
  • Criminal- TAEMIN
  • Wings-Pixy
  • Hoodie Season- Stray Kids
  • Anti-Hero- M.O.N.T
  • Get Down- Boys Republic
  • Sweet Chaos- Day6
  • No Strings- WooSung
  • CWS (Feat. BM)- WooSung
  • She’s in the Rain- The Rose
  • Left & Right- SEVENTEEN
  • Happy Death Day- Xdinary Heroes
  • Not By The Moon- GOT7
  • Deja Vu- Ateez
  • One Day- MONSTA X
  • Lazy- WooSung
  • 00:00 (Zero O’Clock)- BTS
  • Bad Boy- BigBang
  • Mamacita- Super Junior
  • Monster- EXO
  • Hey You- CNBlue
  • Love Scenario- iKON
  • Anymore- Jeon Somi
  • Paint Me Naked- TEN
  • You Problem- MONSTA X
  • Midnight Blue- B.I
  • Don’t Call Me- SHINee
  • Anti-Romantic- TXT
  • Magic Shop- BTS
  • Someones Someone- MONSTA X
  • Voodoo Doll- VIXX
  • What’s Happening?- B1A4

It’s a lot but I am obsessed and listen to this playlist on repeat all day long. What songs are you currently obsessed with?


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