Love Yourself 2022: Day 1

Loveathon/ Manga Love Readathon 2022


Throughout February, I plan on reading books that make me feel good, love, and self-care. I don’t have a set amount of books I want to read, but I am aiming for at least 14 books.

Loveathon TBR:

These are the books I would like to pick up and read in February. But we will see how many I get to due to my school and work schedule. Plus, I have another readathon I would like to participate in Manga Love Readathon 2022.

Manga Love Readathon:


  1. Read one volume a day
  2. Read a Shae favorite
  3. Read a LOVE story
  4. Read an LGBTQ+ title


February 11-14, 2022



Manga Love TBR:

  1. Failed. I am still going to try, BUT I know I am going to fail.
  2. The Girl From the Other Side vol. 1
  3. Love at Fourteen
  4. Heartstopper vol. 3

I know there is a good chance that I will be changing up TBR because even though I make a TBR, I am 100% a mood reader. Are you participating in any readathons this month? If so, which ones?


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