Love Yourself 2022: Day 3

What’s In My Bag 2022

I have loved what’s in my bag videos on Youtube. Plus, I just purchased my new backpack, and I love it.

Front Pocket:

Main Pocket:

  • Work Laptop/Charger
  • iPad for School
  • Headphones
  • Burts Bee’s Chapstick
  • Keys: Car, Work, Grandmas House
  • Nausea/Vertigo Medicine
  • Contacts
  • Mints
  • Glucose Monitor
  • Wallet
  • Extra Masks
  • Extra Poop Bags

Side Pockets:

  • Collar/Leash
  • Water Bottle

I carry A LOT. I know. I have to take things for my pup because she is with me 24/7, which is why I always have treats, poop bags, extra poop bags, a collar, and a leash. Every day, when I get out of work and school, I visit my grandma, so I carry her house keys and glucose monitor.

What do you carry in your bag?


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