Love Yourself 2022: Day 8


I know what you are probably thinking. What is Doga?


  • Doga is the practice of yoga as exercise with dogs. The yoga hybrid began in America in 2003. It is an excellent exercise for you and your pups. Although they can’t do the majority of the usual yoga poses, they will enjoy the stretching, the massages, and of course, the calming energy.

Benefits of Doga:

  • Bonding with you pup
  • Physical health benefits
  • Relaxation
  • Helps with stress and anxiety
  • Socialization (if you go to a studio)

The pups and I stay at home for Doga. I will either put on a Youtube video or make up my plan with poses from my books. I love to set the mood, so finding poses from the book works better for the pups and me. What I do is bring out the mat, put some chamomile and lavender essential oils, and some calming and relaxing music. As for the lights, I turn my lights off and put a soft blue light on.

Have you ever tried Doga?


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