Haunted: The Embarcadero Waterfront


In 1890, the Norwegian sailing ship Squando sailed through the Golden Gate. The ship’s Captain discovered that his wife was having an affair with his first mate. He is willing to forgive his wife in exchange for retribution. One night the Captain’s wife got drunk and held the first mate’s hands behind his back. The Captain came hurting through the doors with an ax and cut his first mate’s head off. The next day the body was seen floating in the bay. The Captain, his wife, and the head of the first mate were nowhere to be found. Mysteriously the following three captains of the ship were murdered by the crew. Eventually, the Squando was taken back to New Brunswick, where it was docked. The guards refused to stay on the ship because they claimed to see a headless man’s body roam the ship at night. The sip was eventually demolished for salvage. People swear on moonless nights, when the fog hovers really over the bay, you may catch a glimpse of an old three-masted ship on the water sailing from point to point to point.


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