Obsessed: Online Concert Update March 2022

I have crossed three concerts off of my long list of online concerts. TxT, BTS, Red Velvet and Wonpil. I loved them all so much but I think my favorites so far would have to be: BTS. Sadly, Red Velvet was cancelled so I did not get to watch that event. I enjoyed TxT and Wonpil. My only issue with Wonpil’s concert was the sound was off. BeyondLive did say that there was some technical issues so they are going to have two more showings of Wonpil’s concert. I am really excited to watch him perform again because I think he is AMAZING!

The upcoming concerts I have are:

  • Seventeen in Carat Land (weverse)
    • March 27, 2022 (Live)
    • April 3, 2022 (Delayed)
  • Cravity the 1st Concert [Center of Gravity] (BeyondLive)
    • April 3, 2022
  • NCT Dream- Dream Stage- Glitch Mode (BeyondLive)
    • April 5, 2022
  • Treasure 1st Concert (Trace) (weverse)
    • April 8, 2022 (Online Rehearsal)
    • April 9, 2022 (Main Performance)
  • WINNER 2022 Concert (weverse)
    • April 29, 2022(Online Rehearsal)
    • May 1, 2022 (Main Performance)
    • Delayed Coming Soon
  • 2022 Debut Anniversary Fan Event: EXO (BeyondLive)
    • April 9, 2022

I am currently waiting for Weverse to release the tickets for BTS Permission To Dance on Stage – Las Vegas. I wish they were doing more days BUT I am very happy they are at least showing one! Plus, it’s at a normal time for me which I am also excited for. Will you purchase the BTS tickets?


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