Obsessed: Online Concert Update April 2022

Wow! A LOT of concerts have passed since the last time I have updated. So here is what I watched—going to watch it and coming soon.


  • Seventeen
  • Cravity
  • NCT Dream
  • Treasure
  • EXO
  • Dreamcatcher



  • SHINee World (BeyondLive)
  • Day6 (Even of Day) (BeyondLive)
  • N.G.D.A (BeyondLive)
  • iKon 2022 Concert (weverse)

I LOVED all the concerts that I saw. I would have to say my favorites would be: Dreamcatcher, Treasure, EXO, Seventeen, NCT Dream, and Cravity. Yes, I named them all, BUT I honestly couldn’t choose. I will have to say that NCT was slightly disappointing because I wanted it to be longer. Overall, I enjoyed them all, and I am very excited about the upcoming concerts and purchasing the other shows that are still “coming soon.”

Have you been to an online concert?


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