Monthly Wrap Up: April 2022

Wow! April went by really fast and May feels like it is also flying by. I didn’t even realize that I had not posted up the books I was able to read in April. So, here are the books I have read in April:


  • Anatomy: A Love Story
  • Cursed Bunny
  • So This Is Ever After
  • K-Pop Confidential
  • K-Pop Revolution


  • From the Red Fog: Vol. 1


  • The Princess Saves Herself In This One
  • The Witch Doesn’t Burn In This One
  • The Mermaids Voice Returns In This One
  • Break Your Glass Slippers
  • Shine Your Icy Crown

I am very shocked that I have NOT read any WebToons this month! But I did read A LOT of poems that I didn’t think I would. I did annotate for the first time as well, I was really feeling the poems and I had to annotate and save a lot of the quotes.

What did you read in April?


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