Obsessed: Dramas May 2022

Okay! Here are the dramas that I was completely obsessed with this month are:

Pinocchio (Viki)

A young boy, whose life and family has been destroyed by new media, gets adopted by a family in a rural area after being found lost at sea. He conceals his past for 13 years. But then the girl he loves, a reporter, finds out the truth.

The Sweet Blood (Viki)

Born between a human mother and a vampire father, Yeon Seo is a 118 year old half-vampire who wants nothing more than to live an ordinary human life. With natural beauty and a slew of vampire abilities, Yeon Seo could be anything she wanted, but she has chosen to blend in with those who appear closest to her age. As a result, Yeon Seo now finds herself faced with one of life’s most difficult challenges: graduating from high school.

Fighting back her more vampiric urges, Yeon Seo does her best to blend in at school; a task that, for the most part, has been fairly easy. But when the sweet blood of her classmate, Song Meo Roo, attracts the attention of vampires and werewolves alike, things get a little more complicated. Trying desperately to ignore the siren call of Meo Roo’s blood, Yeon Seo takes it upon herself to protect her classmate from those who hunt him. 

As Yeon Seo and Meo Roo run for their lives, the blood in his veins calls to her. Torn between family duty and the desires of her own heart, a war within Yeon Seo rages. Will she be able to embrace her humanity and resist the temptation of this boy’s sweet blood or will her vampire side rise victorious in the end?

My Girl (Viki)

Yoo Rin is a con artist who is impossible to hate. Exceedingly sociable, she can make friends with someone she meets for the first time and has a sly talent for lying that can fool anyone. Gong Chan is cool and intelligent and an ideal royal hotel heir. He is an exceptional businessman whose skill eclipses his inherited wealth. While being chased by debt collectors on Jeju Island, Yoo Rin happens to meet Seol Gong Chan and takes part in his con game, coming to live under one roof with him as a contracted cousin. Bickering and unable to control their growing feelings, Yoo Rin and Gong Chan suffer.

Cutie Pie (ongoing Youtube)

Lian Kilen Wang and Kuea “Kirin” Keerati are in a quandary. Because of a promise made to their parents and grandparents, they find themselves heading toward an arranged same-sex marriage. The latter is a free-spirited musician – a vocalist and drummer – while the former is an outwardly cool businessman. While Kirin is keen to explore a happy and romantic life together with Lian, the feeling isn’t mutual – at least not initially.

Lian is cold to Kirin, and treats him dismissively. Eventually, he indicates that he has no intention of entering into an arranged marriage, and wants to break off their engagement. Kirin is reluctant, but sadly agrees. However, soon after they have officially split, Kirin starts to have feelings for Lian. The duo finally begin living together, even though they are still unsure about their relationship. As they begin to spend more time together, Cupid takes aim at their hearts…

I am obsessed with these this month! Especially Cutie Pie. I cannot even express how many times I have rewatched the couple of episodes of Cutie Pie. It is so good! I think it is one of my favorites so far (aside from Cinderella and the Four Knights). Have you watched any of these Dramas?


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