Trachea Trouble #3

I am happy to announce nothing has changed in Belle. She is doing exceptionally well, and I think she is living her best life. The only thing I would have to say I noticed was when the temperature dropped. Although we live in the cold San Francisco weather, it has been chilly the last couple of weeks. Yes, she wears a jacket, and it does get washed weekly, but I noticed she was back breathing and sneezing an awful lot. So, I started to panic, and yes, I have medicine for her; I try to use that as a last resort. On the third day of walking her in the cold, I did give her medication. It felt as if she was back breathing every two seconds and having sneezing fits. I decided not to take her for our lunch walk and see if it got better, and it did. Even after one day of stopping her walk, she only had one episode of back breathing and one sneezing fit. On the second day, just one time back breathing, and all of it was gone by the third day. I did talk with her vets, and because the area I walk her to for lunch has high traffic of dogs, they said she might have been catching a cold. It was such a scary three days, but I am glad it was only three days, and I saw improvement in her as quickly as I did.


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