Obsessed: Concert Updates May 2022

By now you should know I am 100% OBSESSED with online concerts. I love them because I can move freely, stay warm, be in jammies, go pee as much as I want without waiting in line. Anyways here are the concerts I just attended, the ones I recently purchased and the ones I am looking forward to buying!


  • Seventeen Japan Fan Meeting
  • Monsta X
  • Winner
  • Stray Kids
  • Jun. K and Wooyoung


  • iKON 2022 Concert Flashback (weverse)
  • Dreamcatcher (in person)
  • GOT7 Homecoming 2022 (Kavecon)
  • NCT 127 2nd Tour ‘Neo City Japan-The Link (BeyondLive)
  • WJSN- Wonderland (BeyondLive)

Want to Purchase:

  • Day6 (BeyondLive)
  • N.G.D.A (BeyondLive)
  • SHINee World (BeyondLive)

Starting off with the concerts I attended, WOW! Again my mind was blown and I really wish that I was able to make them in person. They all did a fantastic job and I LOVED every single second of it. However, my heart broke at two of the concerts first Stray Kids because the tears that were shed! It broke my heart and I wanted to give them each a hug. Secondly, it broke my heart when Hyungwon said that he is so happy but is afraid something bad is going to happen because of how happy he is. Overall, I had fun at all the concerts.

For the ones that I recently purchased, I am so excited for both. I am slightly nervous about the Dreamcatcher concert because it is going to be my first in person concert since the pandemic started. It is an outdoor venue so it makes me feel a little bit better. I am really excited for both!

I cannot WAIT to purchase tickets for GOT7, Day6, N.G.D.A and SHINee. I have been waiting a very long time to purchase Day6, N.G.D.A and SHINee tickets so I am hoping that they will release them soon. Are you attending any concerts?


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