Tummy Troubles

Belle’s Sensitive Tummy

If you are new here and don’t know my little Belle, she is my crazy little puppy who has a ton of tummy troubles. She is allergic to chicken and is sensitive to dairy, eggs, carrots, and wheat. She has an upset tummy if she eats anything out of her daily food. So, she is fed three times a day and has treats that I give her because she has not reacted. I make her food and sometimes make her a special treat that I know won’t hurt or upset her tummy. I don’t mind this because she is my baby and deserves the best of the best. Unfortunately, my dad and grandma will watch her and spoil her too much. This means they give her treats that will upset her stomach. She won’t eat for almost the entire day, her little tummy will make a ton of noises, and she wants to be held all day long. I don’t mind the extra cuddles, but I hate when she is not feeling well. I leave her with my dad and my grandma when I desperately need to because I know they like to give her other treats.

Is your pup allergic or sensitive to anything?


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