Obsessed: Concerts June 2022

Concert Updates

By now you know I love concerts especially online, but if you are new here I am obsessed with concerts especially online. My list keeps growing and changing monthly. In order for me to kind of remember them I put them in a slightly chaotic but organized post.


  • GOT7 Homecoming
  • NCT 127 World Tour
  • SuperM
  • Baekyun
  • WayV
  • Super Junior
  • Super Junior – K.R. Y
  • Jun. K & Wooyoung
  • WJSN
  • Jay B (KaveCon)


  • iKON (weverse)
  • Day6 (BeyondLive)
  • Dreamcatcher (Midway SF)
  • Dreamcatcher (veeps)
  • Tomorrow x Together (weverse)
  • 2pm (BeyondLive)
  • TWICE: World in a Day (BeyondLive)
  • Lollapalooza (Hulu)
  • Seventeen World Tour (Be the Sun) (weverse)
  • Woosung Moth EP Showcase (hellolive)
  • Wonho (hellolive)

Waiting to Purchase:

  • N.G.D.A
  • SHINee World Tour

So many upcoming concerts BUT I am 100% ready for them! Are you attending any concerts?


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