Summer Dog Tips 2022

It’s always fun to hang out in the sun in the summer. If you have a pup they will love it too, BUT usually summer means heat so make sure you take precautions when playing in the sun with your four legged friends.

  1. Water and Shade
    • If you are going outside for long periods of time make sure your pup has plenty of shade and fresh water available for them
  2. Hot Sand and Pavement
    • Before taking your furry friend out check the ground. Hold the back of your hand to the ground for 5 Mississippi’s and if you can keep it there with no problem it’s okay, If not it’s too hot to walk.
  3. Doggie Sunburn
    • Yes! Our lovable pals can get sunburned just like we can so make sure to use pet friendly sun ported lotions to keep them from getting burned. DO NOT use human sunscreen many have chemicals that are toxic to them.
  4. Bugs and Pests
    • It is tick and mosquito season. Plus other bugs that may latch on to your pup. SO make sure to keep them safe with vet recommended medicine and do a skin check before and after you play, just incase an unwanted guests tries to come along for the ride.
  5. Ocean, Lake and Pool Water
    • Make sure your pup does NOT drink the ocean, lake and pool water because it causes dehydration and vomiting. If the ingest enough it could be fatal. Make sure you have fresh water for them to drink.

Early Stages of Heat Stroke:

  • Heavy Painting
  • Excessive Drooling
  • Balance Problems

Advanced Stages of Heat Stroke:

  • Labored and Noisy Breathing
  • White Gums
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting


I know it seems like A LOT of information, BUT I can guarantee it’s better than something happening to your fur baby or an expensive vet bill. I have A LOT of these items, but we don’t use them a lot because it’s typically cold here, so I have a ton of blankets and things to keep us warm and dry. When we get our hot days, I always take precautions, and we both have a mini AC system. We have a hard time handling the heat.


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