Summerween 2022: Day 4

Summerween update #4

Oh my goodness! The Haunted Bookstore was AMAZING! I really enjoyed the storyline and I can’t wait to read more. I think for the Light Novel’s there are up to 4 books and for the Manga I think there are to volumes one out and one on preorder which wont be available until 8.9.22. I really enjoyed the art work so I am really looking forward to more volumes.

Read a slasher. Honestly, I just pick out books that I think look and sound interesting BUT i’m pretty sure that The Obsession is not a slasher? I think it’s more on the thriller side but I tried, a little. Plus, I am really excited to read this book, I stumbled across it randomly but it caught my attention and decided to give it a try. Even though it’s not a slasher…


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