Obsessed: Concerts July 2022

Wow! Okay! A LOT has happened since I have last checked in about concerts so lets get going.


  • Tomorrow x Together
  • Woosung/The Rose
  • iKON
  • Seventeen
  • Dreamcatchers (Live/Online)
  • Wonho


  • Stray Kids (beyondLive)
  • NCT Dream (BeyondLive)


  • ‘SMTON Live 2022: SMCU Express @Human City Suwan (BeyondLive)

All the concerts were STUNNING I loved them all. I will have to admit seeing Dreamcatcher live at the Midway SF I was dead. It was the BEST concert and took the number one place. For online I will say iKON took the number one spot for the online concert this round. It was ridiculous in the best way possible.

When I purchsed Woosung and Dreamcatcher (Live) I purchased an extra package I guess you can say. For Woosung I purchased the highest tier which included, a MOTH shirt, a behind the scenes video and a minute call with Sammy. I honestly was nervous about the call BUT he was so nice which made life so much easier. For Dreamcatcher’s I purchased a Hi-Wave which included, photo cards, lanyard, a small tin box and of course the Hi-Wave. I would say it was the best decisions I have made in my life other than getting my pups.

what concerts have you been too?


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