USO: Halloween Horror Night Houses 2022

FINALLY! Universal Studios Orlando revealed their houses for the 2022 Spooky Season! So if you are planning to attend here are the houses you can look forward to seeing.


  • Halloween
  • The Horror of Blumhouse
  • Universal Monsters: When Legends Collide
  • Spirits of the Coven
  • Bugs: Eaten Alive
  • Fiesta de Chupacabras
  • Hellblock Horror
  • Dead Man’s Pier: Winter’s Wake
  • Descendants of Destruction
  • The Weekend After Hours Nightmare

I am so excited to walk through all the houses BUT more excited about Fiesta de Chupacabra because my grandma ALWAYS told us stories about the Chupacabra. Honestly, because I grew up with her, I have watched horror movies since I was born, which is why I think I am so fascinated and obsessed with it now. I remember watching IT when I was in Kindergarten. So being Abe to walk through a house on a story I grew up on is super exciting.

What house are you most looking forward too?


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