Obsessed: Dramas August 2022

Okay! I can’t even tell you how hard I fell for these characters in these dramas which made me completely obsessed. Here is what I watched this month.

1. Out With A Bang (iQIYI)

Professional e-sports player Xiao Yichuan is about to face retirement. In order to stand on the highest stage of the podium he gave up treatment of injuries, and the moment he returned home, he met a hot-blooded girl Xiong Qiuqiu who is going around to recruit players for her grass-roots e-sports team. After Xiong Qiuqiu unremitting efforts, Xiao Yichuan decided to join this team. When the team is completed, the gaming maverick Xiao Yichuan, theory king Hong Yang, Chu Tian who’s full of potential, and Dong Shi who entered the team with his own funding, the team is not only faced with strong rivals, but run into troubles with people ranging from gaming newbies to gaming masters. Through mutual support and growth, they finally pass tests after tests and stood on the world stage. On the other hand, Xiong Qiuqiu and Xiao Yichuan also solved the misunderstanding that caused their online dating to fail years ago, and became the enviable couple partner of the gaming industry.

2. Unforgettable Love (iQIYI)

Unforgettable Love (2021) -A love story between He Qiaoyan, CEO of He’s Group, and Qin Yiyue, a child psychologist. In the beginning, they start a contract marriage to help He Qiaoyan’s young child Poppet (played by Sun Sicheng) walk out of the PTSD from a car accident a long time ago. But later on, with the help of Poppet, the distant, indifferent CEO and the passionate, considerate child psychologist gradually fall in love with each other. He Qiaoyan likes to resort to money for all his problems. He is also a successful businessman who only believes in numbers. Qin Yiyue is a kind and optimistic child phycologist. Come and watch how a bossy CEO pursues a cute young girl with the help of an extremely adorable child.

3. Sentpai, This Can’t Be Love (Viki)

Yuki Kaneda is a young man who has just taken up a new job at a company. He is told that he will be trained on the job by Jun Yanase, a highly experienced and brilliant computer graphics designer. Yuki Kaneda is also a talented CG designer, but despite being told he must work with his new office senior (or “senpai”), he is standoffish and cold with his more experienced co-worker. Even though Jun Yanase – who is well-groomed, handsome, and enormously popular with both men and women – tries to draw close to Yuki Kaneda, the latter keeps pushing him away. Jun Yanase feels dejected by this frosty attitude.

But despite this external coldness, the office newcomer actually thinks the world of his “senpai” – even though he never shows it. One day, after drinking possibly a bit too much at an office party, Yuki Kaneda reveals all his hidden thoughts to Jun Yanase. Will this frank confession bring them closer together? And could it spark a romantic bond between the two men?

This work is based on a hit manga series of the same name, which was written by Shinta Harukawa.

4. Even Sun (iQIYI)

“Sun” is a debt collector and also who never successfully collects debt. He has “Tai” as his competitor, who is a new debt collector. Instead of collecting debt, Tai gets Mangkorn as an exchange for interest. Sun also gets a mission from his father to collect debt from “Atid” otherwise he will be forced to be bankrupt so he asks Sun to go to Atid island. On the way to Atid island, Sun meets “Talay” and “Nai” friends and henchmen of Atid so Sun’s plan is to get close with Atid from these. Atid knows that Sun comes to collect the debt but he doesn’t care and tells Sun to go back to Bangkok. Sun pesters Atid around until Atid gets annoyed and trick Sun to an abandoned house at the end of the island. And that is the beginning of the whole chaotic story. At the end, could the sun collect the debt from Atid or the bad guy is going to turn out to be lover.

5. Special Delivery (viki)

Some deliveries are too hot for the post office to deal with. And that, thinks Mr. Baek, is where his unofficial “company” comes in. Although to the rest of the world, it seems that he runs a junkyard, this is actually an elaborate front: His engineers soup up ordinary-looking cars to make them run at breakneck speeds and disguise their real identity so nobody can trace the vehicles. Mr. Baek’s star driver is Jung Eun Ha, who has a 100% record of delivering even the most difficult packages.

But Jung Eun Ha is in for a shock when her latest delivery turns out to be a young boy. And this is not just any boy: He is the son of a client who has become involved in a gambling ring. And he has a key to a bank account – and millions of dollars worth of funds. All of a sudden, Jung Eun Ha finds herself at the heart of a high-octane chase – with a corrupt cop named Cho Kyung Pil on her tail. Can she maintain her perfect delivery record – or will Cho Kyung Pil get his hands on the key?

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