Story Time: Scary Movies w/ Grandma

By now, you must know that I am slightly obsessed with scary movies, and this comes from the fond memories of hanging out with my Grandma, aka Nani. My Nani lived with me from time to time or within walking distance, so I was ALWAYS at her house. Now, she was not your typical Grandma. Yes, she had her soap operas on, BUT when they weren’t on, it was ALWAYS scary movies and some type of dessert ready to snack on.

I grew up on Jaws, Stephen King’s IT, The Exorcist, Poltergeist, The Omen, Halloween, Carrie, The Lost Boys, The Ring, and so much more. We would watch these movies all day, every day, and eat the desserts she would make before dinner. Now that she is older and in her own home, we watch scary movies during October together, BUT we will watch spooky YouTube videos because we have a shorter time together in the day. I still love hearing her ghost stories, and I love keeping the tradition alive in our way nowadays. I think this is why I find scary movies more fascinating than frightening.


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